Paloma Renee

I drip from the outside in

The blood pours backward

Under my skin

Until it reaches my throat

And I choke with pride

Swearing there’s nothing you don’t know

But it overflows inside me

Like I’m drowning in some backyard pool

but no one hears it

I don’t want them to

But you see how it seeps

Through my ink

But I don’t want you to

Now my sorry heart feels you lying on my chest

But I don’t want to grieve like you ask me to

I’d rather keep it stored in someone else’s mind

Where it can safely be compiled into things no one can touch

But now youre digging under my skin

With soft fingertips and a gentle kiss

And now im confused because I cannot categorize my feelings for you

I try to hold them

but instead they seep like wet paint through my fingertips

And I panic…

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Paloma Renee

I don’t want to keep your secrets

I don’t want to keep a thing

I want to discard you

And put your beating heart under some hidden floorboard

Like I read about in Poe in fifth grade

I don’t want to feel you with me

Or some bullshit romanticized notion

I want you to be fucking gone

And I don’t want to feel a thing

I don’t want to have met you

I don’t want to have lost you

I don’t want to want you

And until then

I don’t want you.

I don’t care if you know my secrets

Do what you want with them

But ignore me

And don’t look my way

If we ever walk on the same side of the street.

Im not spiteful

Im just tired

Im not myself as I write this

This is angry

This is 1/10 of what I feel

This is me…

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So awesome, glad to see your extended writing. 💞 🙆 🙆

Paloma Renee

I used to think our demons played well together, knowing each other like old friends. But over time it dawned on me that they despised each other, attempting to rip one another apart any chance they got. Until all we could see is red skin like paint strewn across the mirror. They were one in the same, stemmed from the same place in hell. Our demons hold each other, playing the same games, hurting in the same way.

But to see such horrid reflections in such a beautiful face can’t be described with a simple awe. And to not know if it’s all simply you or where the lines of her face end and the crinkles of yours begin.

It’s ironic though, how destructive two souls can be for each other if they allow their egos to rule their own hearts. And yet how profound if they simply exposed their…

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Lady of the Water: Keys to Address

a very interesting outlook on life.
Weak men and boys need not apply to strong women, they’ll be jettisoned as unworthy excess weights when the going gets tough.
well done, well done. 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

unfiltered from the heart

As I start to live more and more in my power, I can set why I have feared this.

Where I am going can be filled with great loneliness.

Rising up from the Abyss has given me great clarity.

For the man who can hold my hand, walking next to me will need a great Will and vast strength.

A Warrior in his own right.


In looking at my reflection in the still, living waters,

I see behind me a man who like me has endured great suffering.

Much like the hero in Unbreakable,he has survived what would have killed a mere mortal.

Yet unlike Unbreakable, water might be a terrible weakness if I am to be your only mistress.


I am a King’s daughter, a Lady of the Water.

My water runs deeply, supporting and yet sometimes runs too fiercely.

If you cannot swim in…

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