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“I always thought you’d be here, thought you’d be by my side. But everything happens in seasons – And you’ll always be my favorite summer”

-Source:  Bhavya Kaushik, Author of “The Other Side Of The Bed”

“The stars always sing to me, the moon always smiles at me and yet I crave for the sun, but all it does is burn. My days are as dark as night and my nights- well that is the only time I shine. Some love stories are always like that, wrong when it ought to be right and feels right though it is wrong”

-Source: Unknown

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Supervisor Name- Ms. Akanksha Bhardwaj

Name- Saumya Chaturvedi

Enroll. No.- 9910103430

Summary-  The idea is closely related with the utility of the existing web tool of Tweepy which is an efficient tool which is open-sourced and enables Python to communicate with Twitter platform and use its API.

Using available training corpus from some Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK ratings), I’ve attempted to classify each document on the basis of part-of-speech. Keeping the various challenges of human sentiment classification, the proposed system attempts to achieve this selecting the most meaningful/interesting segments from the public data by using Python programming language as the tool to achieve it.


Link to Video demonstration- Click Here

Link to Presentation- Click Here


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The Most Influential Blogger Award!



Don–>http://doncharisma.org/ has nominated me for the Most Influential Blogger Award!

Thank you so much again my friend! I am very honored. 🙂

Don: When I receive “older” awards I create new badges, gives a bit of a “refresh” and adds some Don Charisma magic. For this one I wasn’t sure how to create the badge. I started by asking for opinions on “the most influential person”. Unfortunately all of the most influential people throughout history have an Achilles heel – There is no universal liked and accepted “most influential person”.

So my idea – a superhero badge. Research indicates that Superman is the number one superhero. Plus there is also a Superwoman.

So my choice – the Superman “S” logo for the badges. There’s one for the ladies and one for the guys, plus I’ve included the “old” original badge too.





Conditions For Accepting The Award

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Friday Fantasy – Your Song’s Sweet Sound- Sonnet XXVIIII


Your Sweet Song's Sound

Speak not when this pale shallow glass
Shall fall in broken shale upon the floor,
Scattering winsome Laughter as the Seasons pass,
Whispering in Retrospect, now More and More.
Like Fallen Roses in the Burgeoning Rush of May,
When Petals Glisten and Drop in Heavy Balm,
This Passion, Once Remembered, forgets to Play,
And Now sits brooding, Silent in the Broken Calm.
Transparent and Untended in the Willowy haze,
This Mirror of True Love, now Tarnished Lies,
Reflecting Naught but my Own Shifting Gaze,
While Memory Above the Barren Void, Unraveled, Flies.
Now as the Darkness Seeps and Sinks Around,
My Faithful Heart Strains to Hear Your Songs Sweet Sound.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Anne Stokes

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Poetry by talented Friend @Entiretyinbits http://entiretyinbits.tumblr.com/

Poetry by talented Friend @Entiretyinbits    http://entiretyinbits.tumblr.com/

Visit her new Tumblr blog to experience more like this wonderful piece.
You will not be disappointed.
PSA: Savoring such morsels may cause poetry addiction and cause your mind to go into overdrive creating images from her words.


http://entiretyinbits.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @Entiretyinbits