4 year old “Marine” visits Dad at Arlington……….Don’t read if weak at heart or soul   Both heart warning and heartbreaking.

I hope you all enjoyed the extended Memorial Day weekend. For those of you who had to work, especially first responders, emergency workers, utility workers, and other mission essential people

and the underappreciated and largely unknown



but I hope you get some bit of rest this week.

In order to fulfill a promise that my mentor and Friend made to himself and other survivors from his 3 tours in Vietnam, we made last minute plans to visit Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC yesterday along with so many Veterans and families of Veterans. John was driven by the reality of age and health conditions and my Sons and I agreed that there was no time like the present to honor that promise.

For the first time since I lost my voice to Cancer awhile ago, I was somehow at peace being around a large gathering of people. Maybe it was the solemnity of the occasion, or I was too lost in my own memories of wars and conflicts to be uncomfortable at such places of honor and respect.

It reminded me and mine of how abundantly blessed we are to live in the freest country in the world. The famous words of John F. Kennedy flowed in my mind and through my soul while in DC as I read the names of many I knew and the countless ones I had never met. We were Brothers from different Mothers who answered the call to do what we were asked to do even while doubting the strategy of those appointed and elected above us in our chains of command.

Was it worth the sacrifice that so many Americans freely made is a question that has haunted many a veteran since the conclusion of that conflict in Vietnam? Had we known how the politicians would use us as pawns in a game that they never expected to win, would we have made the same decisions, sacrifices and risked all? Even when a people volunteer to defend freedom at home and abroad, shouldn’t there actually be a real strategy that any simple patriot be able to understand and support?  No matter how you look at it, the Veterans didn’t “lose” in Vietnam, they served honorably, followed orders(no matter how stupid or dangerous the orders were), and “did what they were told to do,” and, if asked, might  do it all over again .  But then, now, and in the future, shouldn’t they expect politicians to assess the risk and reward before sending even 1 American into harms way anywhere else in  the world? After all, aren’t American lives as valuable and worthy of protection as the citizens of any other country, especially in a region where we are not welcomed except by corrupt politicians or “military” leaders? Isn’t it time we dedicated our efforts and our resources to protect our own and FIX OUR OWN DAMN PROBLEMS by teaching and caring for our own future leaders, OUR CHILDREN, while protecting them from harm and Evil, especially on our own streets and neighborhoods. Forget IRAQ, lets’ fix Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, St. Louis and the likes.

How about a Memorial Day for all the children who were aborted out of convenience, not medical necessity or in cases of rape or incest? Not judging, just reflecting about how many Einsteins, Curies, Kings and Mother Theresas never got their chance in life to help others and make it a better place?

Growing older isn’t always a gift or blessing, sometimes it’s uneasy and uncomfortable to reflect back. One thing is Certain, Growing Old isn’t for



May we never forget the sacrifices of so many ever in our lifetimes.

Red Lip Stains

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I can co-sign those thoughts
written during the light of dark
easily sold and bought
seeing the pink in the sea like a shark


Swimming for several hours
I came home smelling like Kenzo Flowers
with red lipstick on both my collars
she took a swig of this straight up baller

I hope you don’t mind I stomped all over your lines…

I can co-sign those thoughts
written during the light of dark
easily sold and bought
seeing the pink in the sea like a shark


Swimming for several hours
I came home smelling like Kenzo Flowers
with red lipstick on both my collars
she took a swig of this straight up baller


One that i’m with said what is this
i wanted to say lust & passion after some drinks
but i didnt have the stomach to tell her this
and taint her with my darkest…

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“And I’m feeling my way through the dark”…

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Please welcome Annie for tonight’s Guest Poet slot.

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Walking Alone Through the Darkness

Walking alone through the darkened streets
No hand to hold mine for company
In the past my hand did not swing freely
It was always grasped by another

There have been many hands that I have held
At the time they made me feel less alone
But when they suddenly let go…
I felt more alone than before

I wished I had never touched them, caressed them
Allowed them to guide me into darker streets
But my hand swings freely tonight
In the dim illumination of a distant street light

I am walking on this particular street because
One of the hands guided me here
Into the darkened alley with no lamp posts
Promising they would…

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FirstLookFriday & a little more.

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The Silence between Us

Silence filled the room- an uncomfortable one at that. Even though they were sitting on the same bed- Carter’s California King with a black wool throw atop the beige five-hundred thread count sheets- they couldn’t have been farther apart.

Ana’s fingers gripped the top sheet as she nervously stared at her bare feet- red polish adorning each one of her toes.

More silence.

She could feel Carter watching her- that familiar soul-searing stare. As much as she felt compelled to meet his glance, she didn’t.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Her mother had warned her years ago about chasing after men who were looking for a way out, but Carter was different.

Ana knew Carter, and he knew her. So, why was this moment between them so strained- so unlike them?

Another glance at her feet, and she sighed, casting a glance over her…

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Here’s a bit of fiction for all of you lovely people. I’m just flexing my writing muscle today; you could say.

I hope you enjoy it. =)

 “Hi! I’m Madison. I love life and being out in nature. I also love cooking. I’m a physical therapist from Oklahoma, and I would love to meet the man who is to be the leading role on We Do? I’m so excited to be a part of this journey, and I look forward to building something real with him.”

A bubbly blonde with green eyes lit up the screen of the iPad he was looking at. His hand automatically stroked his right cheek and traveled up to his neck. As he massaged his neck muscles, he released a sigh. There was something in her that screamed desperate, but this was one of the many women he would be meeting in less than twenty-four…

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Unfold your Intuition!

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Unfold Your Intuition!
Give your spirit the freedom it deserves and longs for!
Clear the voice of your spirit and let it tell you about love, peace and joy!

Unfold Your Intuition!
Unravel the vibrations of the grey-silver chakra anchored at the cerebellum, the base of your head!
Reach out and build links with the silver threads that are extended to you from the Luminous Heights!

Unfold Your Intuition!
Absorb the powerful flux of Light in Creation and transmit it also powerfully through your thoughts, words and deeds!
Live your intuition, let it vibrate freely and give it the wings to become a mantle of the Light as your shield and armor!

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