WriTE LoVE EveRy Day – 365

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To write you love every day ~ 365 Days
Ten things Why I love yoU

Day 1o

101. I love the fact that we dream up grand adventures together

102. I love that you make me see that my heart has finally found a home.

103. I love how I always want to see you

104. I love how you always want to see me

105. I love how hardworking you are

106. I love how you value my opinions

107. I love how I never get tired of looking at you

108. I love that you shows off the things that your good at

109. I love that you appreciates the beauty and value of things

110. I love how I admire you so much

Damn Baby…what do you call them?

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Iron Post

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iron pot

Iron pot
heavy lid
clean with sand
at the river’s edge,
Nights by the campfire
under the stars
too often ignored
I sigh with contentment
and wonder why
we have made life
so complicated.

That was years ago
now I live a simple life
and wonder why
I waited so long
to understand the value
of the old iron pot
with the heavy lid
that was my grandmother’s
in a time when we sat
outside, watching the stars
rocking across sweet memories
and shared laughter.

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Gratitude, for strangers.

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When I started this blog, my motives were to purge. In my immediate reality I am told I have the gift of telling stories, and making people laugh in my animated way. At the same time, because of just how much trauma I have been through – it was hard to combine the humour and the pain. So I put together a series of ABOUT ME pages… all covering some of the details of my life. I think people were more intrigued by how I have survived, than anything else. Rape, torture, mental and physical pain that I would not wish on anyone…

I have since taken those pages down because I got tired of psychologists spouting ego driven bull shit at me.

The initial plan was to write, as it came to me, and then to gather some of it in a chronological order and combine poetry with photography…

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