She waits for him to return

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Painting by Waterhouse ‘Miranda’.


The wind in my head
Like the gulls’ raucous wail
Recalls the dark waves
And a sea with no sail.
The hiss of the leaves
Like the mocking refrain
Of your footsteps departing
Beneath the cold rain.
I look for a sign
In the half-light, the twilight,
But the sky is as black
As storm clouds at midnight.
The sound of your words,
An echo of laughter,
Cold as the stones
Of the dark ever after.

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Take a quick look to see how one person is trying make a difference in the lives of others

A very talented, big hearted and compassionate friend, Melissa Hem, is trying to make a difference in the lives of children in Cambodia. She is working with her local YMCA to see just how big a difference people working together can make.

Take a little time and if you able to help in a big or small way, all help is appreciated greatly.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and those children in Cambodia.

More information below

YMCA Cambodia Project by Melissa Hem







YMCA Cambodia Kids MHem

Lost In The Moment

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Lost in the moment, when those passions are spent,

Nails dig in your flesh, beneath you I thresh,

My movement slowing, your hardness growing,

Girth and length filling, as seed is spilling,

Hardened flesh pulsing, my walls convulsing,

Heart in chest thudding, such wet warmth flooding,

As juices mingle, flushed flesh does tingle,

Soft fullness of breasts, against hard chest rests,

Taut tips teased by hair, down at me you stare,

Your lips kiss my face, over soft smile trace,

Then cute tip of nose, as my moist eyes close,

Eyelids gently kissed, nothing else exists,

Wanting it to last, holding on so fast,

Whispered I love you, as you say it too.


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