Raindrops Tiptoe

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Her silhouette in candlelight, tresses of auburn rings, she quivers in delight, dancing in perfect rhythm, our bodies collide, awakening senses, lost in time, tiny droplets mist on skin, the earth groans, the stream flows, raindrops tiptoe, the sun grows high as dawn wakes and in her eyes, my heart stir’s.

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I’ve been going to bed earlier and waking up later…I have somehow allowed myself to detach again…I couldn’t tell you how such a thing is even possible, considering everything that has happened and likely continues to happen in the world from which I have detached…but I have, and it is.
My feelings are not hurting now, not in the slightest; my senses are as far from sharpened or honed as is humanly possible; my thoughts are grey and soggy; my heartbeat exists quietly in the background noise of everything; my memories seemingly evaporating with slow certainty.
But I’ve been here before, it’s not some recovery set out at the edge of the woods; it’s not the end or the beginning of anything else; it’s just how I get through the unbelievable, it’s how I bear the unbearable, and it’s the only thing I know how to embrace without fear anymore.

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Learning to Walk

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Someone very dear to me is going through a difficult time right now

She is a Rock Star in my eyes

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever known

She is learning to “Walk” on her own again

It isn’t easy and it will take effort

She will stumble and possibly fall

but she’s strong in her current fragile state

Heaviness is difficult for me (not that it’s about me)

I feel a need to lighten the moment with silliness

and frivolity

So, my dear….

With all that you are going through

know that I’m here

and remember

in order to walk

Put one foot in front of the other…..(come on, you know the words)

Photo: Winter Warlock / Rankin-Bass – Santa Claus is coming to Town  (1970)

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The Next Big Decision

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No, not a big decision concerning me, but more for Lil Man this time!

We’ve been through the whole 11+ shebang… and as you know, he didn’t take it. It wasn’t for him, and I feel that was the best decision him.

Now it’s that next step. Secondary school application time! Oh My Goodness! When did he become old enough that we now are applying for secondary school places for him??!!

Now, it’s a minefield out there. There are great schools, some close, some not. There are Ofsted reports to read, opinions to gather, from people whos children attend the schools, to the kids themselves, along with the thoughts of more ‘in the know’ professionals… I get that perk being a teacher, I can get more honest opinions from heads and teachers I know!

We have been advised to go to the open days, not only for the schools we…

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Thought I wouldn’t
find this place
where my arousal
stays with me
holding close
where I am
and bothered,
lust lingering
beyond a thought
or memory
a hunger
where fingers want to explore
but the mind wants
to sit with it
letting the
turn on
stay on
heavy breathes
soaked panties,

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~

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