Sincerity: The Genuine Article

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Genuine Article

The word, “sincerity”: we use this word and its derivatives a lot in our daily language, don’t we?  “I sincerely mean it”; or, when closing a letter we often write, “Sincerely”.  It’s almost as if we feel the need to prove our honesty or truth with regard to what we are saying to others.

I have a little ‘game’ I play when I see a photograph (or in person) of someone smiling.  If you take a really good look at their eyes, nine times out of ten you can actually ‘see’ if their smile is sincere or simply forced (or fake).  When I began to notice this phenomenon, it took me by surprise.  By all accounts we take it for granted that when someone is smiling, they are happy, or at the very least, genuine in how they feel at that moment.  Sometimes the eyes so blatantly speak of insincerity…

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not Just another Tuesday…~❤~

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not Just another Tuesday…it’s special because You showed up~❤~
I was just sitting here missing You
and You showed up and suddenly
my heart was like AWE
there You are!


BB said she missed me she isn’t feeling well and needed me….AWE
I loved it when she said I am going to lay in my bed it feels like a hotel. 
My heart is smiling! ~❤~

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You…stand out from all the rest

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You…stand out from all the rest
It’s a good thing not to join, go along with the crowd.
I never want to be found blending in with all the others.
I recognize You standing out from all the rest.
I take your hand and say…

“What took you so long to find me?”
Amazing You

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soft~n~gentle like you

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soft~n~gentle like you
my beloved’s love~
this ruthless love
in which I drown
I asked for it
she is here
this untamed tiger
just when I think
we have reached the end
she pulls me down again

my beloved’s love

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Painting by Friedrich Karl Ströher


How so calm the sea,
When so much death lies beneath its billows?
How so silent the sky,
That echoed surely with last anguished cries?
No waves watch death come, with cold, impassive eyes,
Nor does the sky hear and disregard the pleading.
Beneath the rising and the setting of moon and sun,
Rolling in the ebb and flow of endless tides,
Is all of life and death and the easing of pain.
Ocean swells, silk-smooth and tranquil as a shroud,
Cradling the lost in its vast, implacable tenderness,
Gathering up the misery no one wants,
And gulls bear whispers in their strong white wings,
Memories soft as swansdown,
To soar beneath other, gentler skies.

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