More Letters to a Dead Man.

More Letters to a Dead Man.

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Dear Dead Man,
Perhaps I should have simply allowed you to do to our little girl, all that you did to me back then…maybe I should have been right in front of her every time you stomped me unconscious, sexually tormented my body, rearranged my facial features, gave me new temporary navy blue tattoos…
I guess after all the bullshit I endured to try and protect her from you and the effects of someone like you on another human being; it mattered not, in the end. If you were still alive and able, I would that you might find your way to where your now grown daughter has landed herself and let the wrath I lived with unleash itself amongst the animals who your little girl sees as worthy of her time and attention – worthy of her own life…one teetering so precariously on the ledge that it hurts my…

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Two sentence story

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:

I’ve rather let this spot go off the boil (if a spot can go off the boil) what with one thing and another, so here’s a new one. If anyone wants to add their own interpretation, feel free, sprinkled with blog links if you feel like it.

The painting is by Wilhelm Bernatzik


It looked so tranquil the river, so deceptively innocent as it rippled between the banks where celandine crept, and fish quivered in the shade of the willow. So peaceful it looked, she could scarcely believe it had drowned her child.

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Like a do-over
I am out of sorts
the silence builds up
not sure what to say
wanting you to be present
for so long
and now that you are
I don’t have words
I don’t have actions
I sit
pretending you are still
in your cocoon
but you have emerged
your wings not quite spread
that is gonna take work
but I’m tired
and beat
and I just wanna
lay down
hoping you fly

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~

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Originally posted on 5 minutes more please:

I have been working out of one of our smaller work sites today and boy is it so different!! The phone rang all of 5 times, as opposed to it never stopping at my usual work site which can only be described as chaotic! Clients were few and only every so often, there no big lines going all the way out the door as I am normally use to seeing. It is the perfect place to catch up on pending work, provided you have pending work, and provided you are in the mood for doing said pending work, which quite frankly today I was not!!
One thing I noticed and really really loved were all these cute little motivational quotes on the computer stand – quotes to inspire and motivate you!! Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love all those inspirational quotes!!

So here are a few…

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Not out of the woods…

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Dear Blogger friends,

You may know I now have a new computer and can now send and receive emails, read David Prosser’s weekiy omnibus without the machine hyperventilating, and scribble away without fear that Word is going to crash on me any minute as was its wont.
However, the transfer of WP data to the new computer has failed somewhere along the line. It doesn’t recognize any of my account info, email address, password or username. None of the changes I make to the settings are recognized either, and I no longer receive notifications of new posts from the blogs that I follow.
I trawl through the reader, but obviously miss a lot of posts. So, just to let you know, it isn’t because I’ve lost interest; I just can’t find them.
If anybody has any ideas for how to get back into WordPress I’d be very grateful. The WordPress…

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