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Meet Gabrielle.  She’s just one of the characters in a new anthology, ‘A Spank In Time,’ recently released by Blushing Books and written by Blushing Mischief.  Blushing Mischief is a collaboration of authors, and I’m proud to be the founding member.  All six stories are beautifully written by very talented young artists, carefully selected to bring you the very best in modern erotica.  Our stories will not only arouse your senses, but will stimulate your mind.

Other character introductions can be found by clicking on the  individual Blushing Mischief Author BlogRoll links found at the very ‘bottom’ of the page. For now, please enjoy my illustration of Gabrielle, the principal character in the short story, ‘A Parisian Dance’.

Best wishes, Sparkly

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P J Perryman Books

Wow!  This fantastic cover was produced by Owlight Designs and the book itself will be launched by Blushing Books on January 19, 2013.  The beautifully written anthology contains six stories contributed by the Blushing Mischief authors, and once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down.  More on the stories after the actual launch, but for now, please share my excitement and I hope you’ll enjoy reading A Spank In Time.

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Don’t forget to check out her other works. Great reads all.

P J Perryman Books

 A ‘Spank In Time’ by Blushing Mischief can now be purchased following these links:

Amazon.com A Spank In Time

Amazon.co.uk A Spank In Time

Barnes & Noble A Spank In Time

And, of course, directly from Blushing Books  A Spank In Time

Please buy wherever you feel comfortable.  Let Gabrielle whisper in your ear while you decide…


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P J Perryman Books

Man Spell 5

Witches get very excited on New Year’s Eve, there’s something extra magical about an orgasm at the turn of the year; it’s like a normal orgasm multiplied ten-fold. So as always, my primary mission this holiday was finding a man to have one with.


Things began well, this morning I had a date all set up and things should’ve been plain sailing. But even the best laid plans of witches and men can sometimes hit a stumbling block. Just as I pulled my lacy black stockings over my silky smooth knee the phone rang. Walter, my date was on the other end of the line. “Sorry, something’s come up. Sick cat.” I could guess from the crazy breathing at the end of the line what kind of cat he referred to. Oh well, no matter, I thought – onwards and upwards, as they say.

I hung up…

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Words #Poemup #ASMSG

Penelope Jones



Hurt worse than any slap across the face

They dig deep inside your soul, and twist your mind

and leave you helpless


Peek your interests, and you seek truth

They waft over your senses from every corner and

you need more


Make the world go ’round

They drive business deals, seal love letters, and

you can’t live without them


Brush off the dust of every day life

Bring to light the good, the bad, and

the ugly truths


The way to someone’s heart, mind, and soul

Hushed tones brushing across your ear, drawing you in,

and making you safe


Have the ability to pick you up on the worst day,

or cause your heart to shatter into a million pieces, and

you realize the clout they hold.

One word has the power to change it all…




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Finding Your Writer’s Voice

Joanne Wadsworth

Random Picture Alert — This was too cute not to share. And even the baby and cat have a voice. 🙂

Before I jump into covering the header’s topic, stay tuned, for at the end of this post, I’ll be announcing the winner of my draw in last week’s blog hop. Thank you so much if you commented, or took the time to “like” my facebook author page or sign up to receive my blog via email. I loved that. And lastly *jumping up and down with excitement* for those who bought PROTECTOR in its opening few days–Wow! I’m beyond thrilled you did. It’s the most amazing experience to have my debut novel release–it means the world to me that you’ve joined me for this ride.

And in case you missed PROTECTOR’s January 7th release date book links, here they are for your complete convenience. 🙂 Yeah, no problem. I don’t…

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A Very Sexy New Year

P J Perryman Books

Franny Barrel2

The shape of things, still to come…

Well here we are in 2013 and once again I find myself, bent over a barrel. Life is good. With a little diligence I’m hoping to pop a new story out every two weeks. For the record, I totally love the character of Franny and hope to share many of her adventures in the weeks to, ummm, come. For now, a very happy New Year to all my followers. May much sexiness fill your lives and play-time parts.

Best wishes, Sparkly Knickers.

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Ch. 6 NSLG: Not Fucked? #ASMSG

Penelope Jones


But— nothing, my pale blue eyes widened in horror, and my fists were balls of rage, as I came up off that bed like a flash of light. My jabs meeting his broad chest.

“All this fucking time, it’s been a fucking game—“

Cut off by a hand that clamped down like a vice grip over my lips. “Shut up before he hears you!” I got in one solid shot to his good eye before my arms were rendered useless by his grip. Now he can sport two black eyes!

“Fuck., Sadiyah stop.” By now I was kicking and biting, but I wasn’t a match for Sven. He had me pinned, on my back, and the sterile bed caved below the weight of us.

The air rushed from my lungs when we landed, but his resolve and hold over me was steeled. “You going to behave? Or do I…

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