Dark Poetrics: I Stand Alone


I stand alone

Note: The lyrics always stay the property of the band or artist who wrote them. All the credit goes to them.

My poetry is written in Black, the Lyrics are written in Red.

Part of the lyrics of ‘I Stand Alone’ by Godsmack

Now I’ve told you this once before

You can’t control me

If you try to take me down you’re gonna pay

Now I feel your every nothing that you’re doing for me

I’m picking you outa me

You run away

I stand alone


I stand alone

You’re always hiding behind your so called goddess

So what you don’t think that we can see your face

Resurrected back before the final fallen

I’ll never rest until I can make my own way

I’m not afraid of fading

I stand alone

Feeling your sting down inside of me

I’m not dying for it

I stand alone

Everything that…

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Richard M. Ankers

Hush, my darling, don’t you cry

And evil things will pass you by.

For not an hair will evil harm

With fallen angel at your arm.

To watch you cry in blessed sleep

Still cuts at me though not so deep.

My duty now to care for you

In previous ways I couldn’t do.

To drift in draughts from windowsill

In shades of grey I wander still,

Below the clouds that line your dreams 

This angel’s with you so it seems.

And though I cannot touch your skin,

In cursed death I feel I win,

For limbo price I gladly pay

To be with you for all your days.

(Image courtesy Camino-Studios on deviantart.com)

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Blog Update!


Hey everybody!

Like you can see I did a little blog update. After 8 months of blogging I thought it would be time for a change. 🙂

It’s a bit darker now and I like that! I think my blog style should change along with my writing and I think that worked out nicely.

This whole blogging experience is one big journey and I am discovering more and more about myself. As a writer and as a person.

I have learned it’s okay to show that you care. And I also discovered that I have a dark side and I probably always will. And I am fine with that! 🙂

I am who I am and I am cool with that.

I am very curious to hear what you think about it my new blog style! 🙂

Lots of Love,



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