Friday Fun – Frosty



Frosty in the Morning Air,
Beguiled Sweetly, I stand and Stare
As the Sky comes fluttering down
Without a single sound.

Freezing on my lashes and nose,
Freezing more on my bare little toes,
Back inside I go a-dashing,
Like a lightning bolt a-flashing!

Inspired by me Mum 🙂
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What Inspires Me?


What Inspires Me

What Inspires me? What lights the candle of my imagination and sets the flame burning high? What is it that opens the floodgates of words, like a rapid, rushing torrent into my thoughts to overtake me, sweep me up and away, bearing me upon the tide into the depths of any ocean?

It is difficult to define that precise place where a fanciful notion or musing thought becomes greater than itself, steps beyond the precipice of promise and unfolds into a blooming illusion filled with imagery, lyricism and emotion; yet I shall endeavor to relate some portion of the mystery, if I am able, for there are times when, I too, barely comprehend it.

Words stand ready at any given moment, whether newly awakened or late blooming in the deep recesses of the night, to burst from their sheltered waiting place and spiral into lyrics and phrases that tempt the…

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Today was a pretty messed up day

Primal Night's

Somehow I hurt every person in this world that I care deeply about.  Not just a little like when you slip up and admit that yes you were bored at the chick flick you knuckled under and went to.  But the deep kind of hurt where they question if at the core of who you are in a relationship, if you are worth the pain that you put them through.

Luckly for me in each case the answer was a resounding yes. So five years from now I’m good.  But for the next month or so feelings will be tender and everyone will tip toe around or qualify what they say or even hold their tongues rather than risk the honesty that is so important In a relationship, which sometimes adds to future pain  At least that’s how it will feel to me.

I will hold my tongue and qualify…

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