Update on George 10212016

Update on George/Georgie 10/21/2016

Wishing you all a Happy Friday and upcoming weekend. After much thought and consideration and conversations with multiple medical professionals from Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, we have decided to make some changes to Dad’s treatment. We know his brain is working, how else would he be able to interact with us using Morse code? What’s confusing is that even after removing sedation, he still isn’t fully awake and there’s no physical or medical reason for remaining in a coma-like state. So we’ve been approached by neurologists with extensive experience in dealing with traumatic brain injuries in veterans. When all normal treatments fail to produce a needed result, you start trying something else. I won’t go into a bunch of technical explanations and clarifications. We figured Dad would do anything for us if our roles were reversed, so here goes.

We wanted to thank you in advance for all your unwavering support and the strength you give us with all your thoughts, concerns and prayers of love and compassion. Sorry it’s taken so long for this update. Life doesn’t always go by our plans, so we just take what happens and do the very best we can as we go along. Thank you again.

Sarah (DaughterInLaw)

50 thoughts on “Update on George 10212016

  1. You know you have my Love, prayers and support. Please take care of you. I am throwing myself into means to keep me occupied so I can survive this. I’m never further then my cell however and will again try to find those who know George to get on over here. ❤

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  2. Dear Sarah,
    I’m with AmyRose in holding your hands and sending as much love, prayers and support as possible. We love your dad and are grateful for every second of joy he’s provided. Let me know we are thinking of him constantly and loving him as always. Rita

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  3. George is such a gem of a person. the day i read about his health through AmyRose i have prayed for his fast and complete recovery. I/m so grateful to AmyRose who informed me. it took so many days to write it here is because i dont know how to find the link . my best of best prayers are for him with love and for you all to get strength and patience from Almighty to serve him amen.


  4. OH wow AmyRose said there was an update on your sweet FIL. I took my daughter to the Mayo in March and we ended up finding a neurologist to help. She too had loss of mobility and no reason medically that they could find for it. We finally found a neuro here in Tulsa and he diagnosed her with PTSD and fibermyalgia. What’s odd is that her legs started working again after all the testing and things he did. Then one of her docs retested her for MS and she has MS now. It took a year to get a diagnosis. We are traveling to a geneticist Nov. 4 to deal with the sudden onset of blindness that happened one year ago. Gosh the human body is an amazing thing. I pray that George’s body get the rest it needs and all the nerves and systems work together to make him well again. I’m praying for him and all of you! Blessings to you! MichelleMarie

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    • MichelleMarie

      I am so glad you’ve found some answers, if not all. Not knowing is worse than not having any information with which to plan some sort of treatment and recovery. If you don’t mind, we will add you to our list of people needing prayers and strength to deal with medical issues. One of Dad’s Sisters has MS and diabetes, but won’t give up either. She has Dad’s stubborn and will to live streak.
      We wish you and your family strength and are sending prayers and love to you all. Most of all we wish you to find answers that bring you peace in your heart and mind. We’ve learned over the years, miracles still happen and impossible is a human word for “we can only accept what we understand with our limited brain.” We’ll continue to pray knowing our understanding is limited, but our God isn’t.


      • Oh wow that is beautiful. I’m going to save that and remember it. Thank you for that Sarah I agree with you. My girl is a walking miracle so I like you believe in them too! Much love to you and extra warm hugs of assurance ❤

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