“Every single one of us, the Devil inside”…

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Eye Will Not Cry

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A thorough disgrace
Thought the ministers daughter
As she lit up her crack pipe
And slipped down the alter
The new life inside her
Unaware her sub-missions
Now mimics her mum
Curled in foetal positions
Suffocating and spinning
From toxins and Aids
Her parents screamed evil
Whilst she cried afraid
Left mute by rejection
The confusion, the pain
As they ran from the answers
That let the questions remain
Like her naive prayers for help
To understand dreams of blame
That still grow in her heart
And darken her name
The earrings, the nose stud
She knew it would rile them
The make-up, the hair
She continued to test them
The boyfriends, the blasphemy

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remember me

What fool could forget? 😈😌🎆🎇🎆💐


I am the erotic thought that drifts across your restless mind

Like a wispy cloud against the brilliant blue summer sky

I am the heat of water sluicing across your naked back

As you stand beneath the spray of your morning shower

And it’s my hands you want tracing your clean soapy skin

You imagine my thighs when the swirl of wind bends the leaves

Imagining that it’s lifting my skirt to expose the creamy skin

You breathe in the delicate floral scent of a perfumed dusk

And think about the soft cloud of hair brushed back from my neck

In the quiet of the evening when everyone has gone to bed

It’s my round swell of breast you imagine laying your head on

There is no part of your hard body that does not ache for me

No place in your mind off limits to my sweetly wanted insertion

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Show me the money!!!!! (rant)


Hey Greece and the people from that fucked up country, show me the freaking money!!!!!

These guys have borrowed 1.8 billion dollars from the European Union and they are still going broke and worst off they still expect the rest of the countries which by the way are made of people who pay taxes well for those people in those countries to pay for their bills, fuck you. Spain is in debt 98% which basically means that if I have one hundred dollars I owe the other person 98 dollars leaving me with only two dollars of my own.

Here is what happens when you vote for a radical socialist fascist party.

17% of Greece´s gross domestic product goes to pension´s for the retired, and there they retire at age 55. So do the math who has to pay for those pensions for the rest of their life´s, quite a…

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