Hardest post any of us have ever written

Look for me


georgieporgie0065George A. Parker
Feb 11, 1950 – Aug 01, 2017
Dad suffered a massive heart attack and stroke last Friday night and never woke up again. He left instructions to not maintain his body if his brain didn’t function so we did as requested. We are so sorry for your loss of a friend and follower. Our Dad was bigger than life for us in his good days and even more as he continued his fight. Forgive our delays in notifications, to say the least, it has been hectic and at times overwhelming. Dad didn’t believe in funerals anymore so we are following his wishes. Dad chose not to keep a body alive if his brain could no longer fully function. He fought the fight for all the physical and mental challenges a soul could fight, but at the end, the last attacks from within his heart and brain proved too much to conquer.  At least he has no more pain and is probably talking the ears off of St. Peter and teaching him how to keep the faith so he could walk on water again. We think the only people that won’t miss Dad are those worthless and aggravating Trolls and Whiners, we will pray that they receive justice in due time and just leave the rest of us in peace. Dad always had choice words for Trolls and separate social media accounts for them. I think we’ll just leave those open and monitor infrequently. We will leave Dad’s accounts open until we are sure that everyone has had a chance to know the status. Thanks again for all your love, support, prayers and warm wishes for Dad and all of us over the past months of difficulties and health issues. We had wished this would  be a more positive post, then again nothing is guaranteed, not even the next breath or second. Please ensure your loved ones know how much they are loved and how much their love means to you.

You just never know.


The Parker Clan


When A Marine Goes To Heaven.

You can keep your Army Khaki,
You can keep your Navy Blue.
I have the worlds best fighting man,
To introduce to you.
His Uniform is different,
The best you’ve ever seen.
The VietCong called him “Dark Devil from underground.”

His real name is “Marine.”

He was born on Parris Island,
The place where God Forgot.
The sand is eighteen inches deep,
The sun is blazing hot.
He gets up every morning,
Before the rising sun.
He’ll run a hundred miles and more,
Before the day is done.
He’s deadly with a rifle,
A bayonet made of steel.
He took the warrior’s calling card,
He’s mastered how to kill.
And when he gets to Heaven
St. Peter he will tell,
One more Marine reporting sir,
I’ve served my time in Hell.
So listen all you young girls,
To what I have to say:
Go find yourself a young Marine,
To love you every day.
He’ll hug you and he’ll kiss you,
And treat you like a queen.
There is no better fighting man:

Semper Fi, Dad

Sarah, Sydney and the rest of the Parker Clan
We will carry on.


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