Caning, Spanking & Femdom, Collected Stories 2

Alice Dark - BentAlice

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Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure – Selena suffers painful consequences when she leaves a hotel without her counselor’s Blush2BNpermission, and then lies about where she went. Not only is the 19-year-old girl spanked for her misbehavior – she learns about “figging” firsthand when Ms. Wild inserts ginger root into Selena’s bunghole prior to delivering a hot spanking to the girl’s bare butt. Don’t miss this erotic F/f tale of spanking, domination when Natasha Wild teaches a bad girl to behave when she’s in Atlantic City. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 19 years and over.

Maid for Punishment: Laura’s Caning – When Laura…

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A Little Something..

Another enjoyable and well written piece by a very talented writer.


You walk in and approach me. Shoulders slumped from carrying the weight of the world upon them. Bone deep weary and mind tired. You are covered in layers of dirt and frustration. You pause to look at me, debating on reaching for the hug I know you so desperately need.

I don’t hesitate and close the distance between us. I enfold you in my arms, resting your head upon my shoulder. I feel and hear your sigh of relief as your hands travel up my back to tangle in my hair. You hug me tighter, the hard planes of your body cushioned by the softness of mine. There are no words. None are needed. I know what you need. I always know.

Your breath tickles my neck and my skin starts to warm. You can feel my heart beat faster. The mere presence of you has always affected me this…

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Definitely unique.

Ramblings of My Insanity

Unique and commonplace

Complex and simple

Emotional and sensible

Sensitive and thick skinned

Altruistic and selfish

Capricious and levelheaded

Cynical and optimistic

Perceptive and dense

Wary and reckless

Discreet and brash

Confident and unsure

Courageous and hesitant

Approachable and inaccessible

Gregarious and unsociable

Humorous and acerbic

Sarcastic and sympathetic

Antonyms… Opposites…

Total opposing ends of the spectrum…

Yet… All shades of me…

You never know which part you may see…

Don’t judge by the minuscule portion that is momentarily revealed…

There’s so much more…

To the dichotomy…

Of Me…

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Masks #Poetry #ASMSG

Wonderfully written, sensual, provocative

Penelope Jones




I screamed from the depths of my lungs

in the quietest voice possible,

“I’m sane, I promise.”

Laughter filled the room.





I cried from the depths of my soul

with the smallest whimper.

“I’m not needy, I’m high maintenance.”

Grins flooded my friend’s faces.





I begged from the depths of my heart,

my whisper crawled like an infant.

“Broken, bah. I’m super glued.”

Winks and smiles were given.




I have them ten fold

and it’s why my ability to love

remains on hold

no longer bold

becoming cold…


And bitter

A quitter.


Love, just four little letters

It’s supposed to make everything better

not worse

maybe I’m cursed

Damned if I don’t,

damned if I do.

That’s my cue


Push… Push as hard as I can

I don’t need a man


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