Above him She soars

Hovering ever so quietly

Observing all mortals in sight

Her angel eyes upon him gazing

Feeling mixed emotions from afar

Shall she land, speak, and confess

Or continue to drift along the currents

Indulging his nervousness from knowing

She is near, yet far from his touch

Near enough to this Empath

Constant exercise of control

Neither wishes to lose

Or ultimately win?

Together forever


Vision Entered His Life Today

A deep dark eyed Vision entered his life today,

Suddenly doors thought forever locked, opened,

Emotions made him shiver, trembling as before,

Hypnotized, unlocking his soul for her gaze,

Deep amber eyes like a stalking lioness staring,

Simply paralyzing him as a lone frightened prey,

Drawn into her dark hued eyes ever so deep,

Unable to resist their powerful magnetic pull,

Surrendering all possessions to her, his new Love

Tearing old walls down for her eyes of brown.

When I Pray

Source of Inspiration


I do not pray
to escape from conflict
but rather to understand
conflict as a tool for growth.

I pray to gain
not knowledge
but insight.

My prayers reach
toward the Divine
and seek, not material gain
but rather that my soul
expands into greater receptivity.

I pray so that I can go
from what is to what
is destined to be.

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What Is Sin?

Source of Inspiration

1471080_616825428352543_1868304818_nTo consciously endorse
and knowingly embrace
a deliberate immoral act
is to take that step into
darkness that leads to evil,
disintegration and destruction.

Be diligent, Dear Ones, that you
use free will only to embrace
powers of positive creativity
turning ever away from
the potential of using
free will destructively.

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Jane Dougherty Writes


Butterfly flutters over the wall

Tugged by a rogue sea breeze

Across the rippling mud brown river.

Butterfly flutters flickering on bright wings

Across the sun-dappled water.

How long, I wonder, can butterfly wings

Beat a steady course for unknown shores

Before they crumple, weary, upon a wavetip?

Bright wings turn black with distance,

Frail silhouette, still fluttering up and down

Searching for an elusive flower

Finding only the ripe salt smell of the incoming tide.

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Open Book

Source of Inspiration


We have all the museums,
libraries, and universities
at our fingertips, yet lack wisdom
information, books without number
yet do not know how
to love unconditionally.
It is not enough to open
our minds for it is with
our hearts that we learn
the meaning of our lives.

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