Mom’s Memorial Today

The Parker Clan’s hearts go out to our dear Friend Amy at this time. We still feel the absence of our own Dad, Uncle, Brother, Friend and Mentor every day. Enjoy this beautiful and heartfelt post of hers. Praying for her and all of you who are dealing with loss of a loved one still today. The Parkers

Heaven On Earth

[Picture of a black and white photo of my Mom on her wedding day, walking down the isle with her Dad. The year was 1956.]

Today is my Mother’s Memorial Service.  There are no words adequate enough to tell you how much I miss my Mom.  It’s doubly hard for me because my Life Choices do not allow me the opportunity to leave my home for even one day to attend the Service today.  My Life Choices require commitment.  So in my own way, as I go about my day, I remember my Mom.

Below is an audio of a poem and some personal words of my own that my youngest brother will be playing at the Memorial Service today. The poem was written by Wendell A. Brown, a fellow blogger.  He wrote this poem when two of his children died so yes, these words are priceless.  This man’s…

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