xxoo, Lady Juno


has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

through a simple beam of light



has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

for touch me you might



has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

in your smile so bright



have a mood

in my presence

it be

of knowing we are right.


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Love Fantasy Romance? Hunter is FREE Apr 30th to May 4th

Joanne Wadsworth


With ENCHANTER’s release just a few days away on May 5th, I decided to celebrate a little early by offering HUNTER, the novella in this New Adult Fantasy Romance series for FREE.

The Amazon link is at the end of the post if you’d like to grab your free copy, and please, spread the word. I’d love that.

REVIEWERS: “Another great read from Joanne. I can’t wait for the next FULL instalment in this series ‘ENCHANTER.'” -Nicola Horner ~ Endless Reading

“I loved the humorous and sweet relationship between Cole and Lieska. This series has quickly become a favorite.” – Holly Underhill ~ YA/NA Reviewer

“Hunter is exciting, unforgettable and charming. Hunter is a must read for those who love this series as much as I do.” – Angela McPherson ~ Nocturne Romance Reviewer 


Chains cranked, and the solid paneled iron gates at the entrance rolled open. This was what I’d…

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The Darkling Sea – NaPoWriMo


Darkling Sea

The Challenge of the Breaking Day
Upon my Love is guileless,
For when the Daylight fades away,
The Moon falls Whispering and Sightless.

Cresting River of Passion Flowing,
Beats in my Heart like Symphony;
Like the Verdant fields, Lush Growing,
Singing Psalms of Litany.

Open then my Dreams like Treasures,
Close Your Eyes and Sigh With Me;
Upon this Ship of Shifting Pleasure,
Rocking On the Darkling Sea.



Beautiful image found at:

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Amazing Blogger: Brian!


Every week I want to share an amazing blogger with you all, so you can check out their blogs and maybe make some new friends!

All of these bloggers have amazed me with their art, kind heart, friendship and skills.

You ready? Here we go!


Meet Brian

–> <–

A little about Brian

I decided to finally blog about 7 month ago, A good friend of mines and I had discussed it often.

I have had a very Colourful Life and managed to achieve many things along the way. I am forever helping people out or Talking about my life experiences so that others benefit and see they are not the only ones out there and people do care and will help.

I love what I do and whether its being bullied as a kid, all my Operations, Meningitis etc or Running my own Personal Training (Fitness) Company.The…

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NaPoWriMo day 30: A duet with Jullian


Here we are, the last poem for NaPoWriMo!


My friend Juulz and I thought it was nice to end the way we started one month ago, with a duet!

On day 1 of the challenge we wrote a duet together, you can find it HERE.

And now, on day 30, I have the pleasure to write another duet with one of my best friends who I love like a brother.

 My dear friend Jullian–>

Juulz has been an amazing supportive friend for me this best month. Without him, this month would be a lot darker for me for sure.

Thank you so much for everything Juulz, I love you! ❤


Real Friends

So far away, but close to my heart
Can you see me smile?
Real friends are never apart
Standing stronger together

I gave you something I hold very dear
Can you make this promise?
No, don’t…

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Real Friends Duet w/JustPatty

The Story of a Guy


So far away, but close to my heart
Can you see me smile?
Real friends are never apart
Standing stronger together

I gave you something I hold very dear
Can you make this promise?
No, don’t worry there’s nothing to fear
Walking hand in hand

Two souls, meeting once again
Can you feel it?
Just stay calm, count to ten
Having each others back

You helped me in my time of need
Can you stay with me?
Your space in my heart has grown like a seed
True friends till the end

No way that I will let you go
Can you hear me?
Through light and shadow
Never alone again

I can see you smiling
I can will make that promise
I can feel it, our souls meeting once again
I can hear you calling out
Real friends

NaPoWriMo Day 30

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Wider Than The Oceans That Seperate Us

hey there Delilah

kimi che

I wish to let go of my dreams of America or more precisely, a holiday in the Americas. To leave behind, the tears that stream down my face every time I see my pretty niece and handsome nephews. Faces that I can only glimpse in Whatsapp images and like in Facebook timelines. Those adorable little’s I wish I could reach out to, inside my phone screen, if ever that was possible.

This is how it goes. Spending four months to make true something you wish to death. Praying harder than you’ve ever done. Hoping against hope. Practicing your sentences an hour in front of the mirror every day. Diaries scribbled with possible questions and answers to them. All disappear in five minutes, ending with the words, “You are not eligible for a visa.”

I’ve heard this sentence three times and each time is harder than before. You see it in…

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Picture Perfect

The Story of a Guy

Look at those two
They look great together
Just enjoying the view
They can make it through any weather
Those two get along so well
Walking hand in hand
They’re in love idiot can’t you tell?
I think they had this planned
Working towards their goals collectively
Makes you wonder how they worked
Both have each others back respectively
Who knew their love could be so Picture Perfect

NaPoWriMo Day 28

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