Fear Defeated (3 IMAGES)

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Heaven On Earth

Every day of my Life I defeat fear.  Every.  Single.  Day.

If I allow fear to snatch my mind, seize my stomach, freeze my body I would not live at all.  I would be nothing but a lump of flesh, existing and that is pretty much it.

There is so much fear in this world at large today
it is so easy to escape from living
to avoid the madness that is so rampant.
I, for one, refuse to escape
into an existence that does not support real Life.

Upon wakening each and every day, I do not know what lies ahead for that day.  None of us do.  Caring for special cats from day to day that have many health issues, I never know when those issues will strike.  I get up with the Intention all will be well, and I if those issues are seen, I address them in order to maintain equilibrium…

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Update from George Still Alive and Well, just busy with Family Life and dodging the Sun, perils of Gingers

Hope weekend was great for each and everyone of you.

Mine has been a little hectic, but thankfully so blessed and happy for the unplanned and unexpected homecoming of all my Kids and Grands for Father’s Day weekend.

Some are sticking around until after the 4th of July weekend, too.

Full houses are not uncommon or a problem for us, thank goodness.

We had bought the house across the street from people who were building a new one and agreed to lease it back to them until their’s was complete. They moved out in May and we’d just started to make a few renovations, just in case Sons decided to take it over. It’s as big as mine, just doesn’t border the lake, not always a bad thing either. We can see each others’ front porches and driveways and garages, great for security, plus close enough for wireless security systems to overlap each others.

Kids and Grands were so happy to be together, I had to turn off my hearing aids at times. Joyful noises are always a welcome distraction from anything that might detract from the fun and happiness in anyone’s life. It can even make you forget silly stuff that you shouldn’t be thinking about anyway. Children have a way of making you sort out what’s really important in life if you’ll let them.

Children love unconditionally until we screw up and teach them otherwise, don’t they.

I’m wishing you all to remember the lessons of unconditional love we were born with, not the hurtful ones we’ve let others teach us. Love is more important to us all than anything else in life. Without love, this isn’t life, it’s existence and exsistence by itself will not make you happy or joyful.

Life is too short not to be happy.

If it’s not making you happy, I pray you will find the way to happiness.  Love is the key, for yourself and others. Without love, life sucks all the happiness out of you, and that causes all kinds of mental and physical problems that will affect you for the rest of your life.

I can’t promise you anything else except that without Love, life sucks and you will be miserable and make others miserable, without really trying.

So my wish for you is Love, abundantly and true.

Happy Monday

YES, yesterday with my Clan for Father’s Day reminded me that Love is the answer, regardless of the question. Savor every minute you can, make changes in your life, accept yourself, never settle for less than you deserve.









I woke up this morning and grey light filled every corner of my room. Reluctantly and still half asleep, i rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. I walked past my walker, every part of me wanted to reach out to it. The walker had become a part of me, my shield from the world, my support as i retrained my legs and my friend in a sense. It had held me up, when i didn’t believe that i had the strength to keep holding on. I showered and talked with my mom about the upcoming holidays and family coming to visit. The closer we get to thanksgiving and big family events the more i feel a lump in my throat.

Crying has become a reoccurring theme in my life. There’s been a lot of sad tears, mad tears and tears coming from pain. However for today, for…

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The truth About Surviving


I’ve said this all month. The hardest part about my accident isn’t the physical aspect of the matter. It wasn’t the pressure i felt when the car clipped me at the hip and leg. It wasn’t the thud i felt when i landed and hit my head on the concrete. It wasn’t seeing my hands drenched in my own blood, coming from my leg. It wasn’t when i had to stick my hand inside my leg to the point of touching the bone in order to apply pressure and try to slow down how much blood was escaping my body. The absolute hardest part is waking up everyday and finding the energy to get over your self pity and get on with your day.


You know you hear these amazing survivor stories about people who have fallen off cliffs and later made full recoveries and things like that and you…

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the moment i started talking **draft from November**


I had always believed in him. Although i believed i had a lot of questions. I’ve never been a super spiritual person, but I’ve always taken comfort in believing there’s something out there, maybe even someone.

Throughout my life I can remember vividly points in which i cursed his name, where i thought “how could you let this happen, How can you allow this to happen?” i didn’t understand and sometimes i still don’t. The truth is I don’t think we are supposed to try to find reasons why things happen. Even though we can learn from life events and situations.

I never felt him inside the walls of churches. I never felt him when i was taught as a young girl about the basics of the catholic faith. I felt him when i reached out to him. I felt him that night on the side of the freeway. With…

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