If You Allow Me Eternity


Allow Me Eternity-friends-together-forever-bob-ellis

There is no Expression of Love I can employ;
No fleeting, transitory Word or Touch
That could ever Communicate my Heart’s Full Love,
Only For You.

There is not Music Sweet enough to Beguile;
No Delicate strand of Melody or Lyric
That could ever Speak Eloquently enough to Share this Depth of Feeling,
Only For You.

There is no Stretch of Time lengthy enough to Prove;
No Doorway to Infinity Broad enough
That could ever Open the Expanse of my Souls Love,
Only For You.

Only You,
Dearest Love,
May Ever Know Fully,
If You Allow me Eternity to Show You.


Stunningly Beautiful Photography: friends-together-forever-By: Bob-ellis

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Listening to God

Source of Inspiration


How does God
speak to us?
We talk at him
but forget to listen.
We plead for answers
but fail to hear,
ask for help
but do not recognize
our rescue.

How does God
speak to us?
Whispers in the heart
poems in the sand
songs in the air
many ways to help
us understand

God speaks to us
constantly. It
is up to us to
listen, learn,
and pass the message
on to others. This
is love
at its finest.

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Highlander’s Castle – Exclusive Excerpt.

wonderfully written, Joanne, time to grab my kindle again. TY

Joanne Wadsworth


Highlander Heat, #1

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I’m bringing you an exclusive excerpt today from Highlander’s Castle which released a month ago. I hope you enjoy.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Like an ethereal vision, Anne glided toward Alex. She reached him and he couldn’t help fingering her waist length locks. Even the sun’s rays feasted on her, setting her white-gold hair ablaze.

Damn. How would he keep his hands off her when she looked this edible? “You look…bonnie.”

“Thank you.” Her sapphire eyes burst with brightness. “You’ve washed up well yourself.”

Edible and delightful. He was in a world of trouble. He turned to his brother. “Do you have our plaid?”

“Aye, here.” James unraveled a strip of MacDonald tartan.

“Good.” This was it. The moment he’d not wished for, but now strangely did. He clasped his right hand with Anne’s right, and his left hand with her left…

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