I’m back just not full time nor full speed, yet ((((((((


After a clash with NewMonya, (which was totally unfai// after all shouldn’t it fight fair and send OldMonya to affect old people) I am home again. No one likes hospital stays and I am the worse, ever since Vietnam.

(For those that didn’t know already, YES I AM OLD, only 5 years younger than the Original Mr Air Piano, Joe Cocker, RIP. When I still had a voice, my oldest younger Sister and I would karaoke his version of “UnChain My Heart”. Funny now that she does it as a solo, the crowds at the Veterans’ home don’t tear up as much as when I “helped” her, hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder.)

Near any holiday is bad enough, but Christmas time, that’s where I draw the line, yep. Not enough cuffs, even if the Nurses are cute, to hold this old Marine away from family at Christmas, especially my gorgeous little opal Nieces and my Grandchildren. Last year I had them all home in PA together. This year I am blessed to have all my 8 Grands even if I don’t get to see all my 7 Kids and their spouses/partners.

I want to see big BearHugs and warm thoughts to all of you out there in WordPressville.

I am behind the power curve on Christmas prep

and still recovering from my stay.

Yes, I lied (a little one or three) so I could come home, hospitals are for sick and dying people. Haven’t liked laying around inside one since Vietnam, old fears die hard.

I decided I could wear a mask and gloves at home as well as there, I never caught a staph infection here at home around family. I’m powered by Sunshine, love, laughter, sounds of little feet, giggles, butterfly kisses, hugs, little singing voices(even if they don’t know the real lyrics-whatever sounds they make is just fine), little voices praying before they go to bed and nighttime hugs and kisses before they sleep. Sue me, I’m spoiled.

At the same time, I know when they are with me, they are safe and I am at peace knowing they are so near, so no matter the world throws at us, again and again, we will stand strong together and survive. We’re becoming experts at tragedy and even more at unconditional love and compassion. We have been blessed ever so abundantly, way more than any tragedies thrown at us, and we have been graced from our Creator more than we could ever deserve or earn by our paltry list of “good deeds.”

During this upcoming Christmas Day and end of year time, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of love and happiness. The reason for the season is to show and share LOVE, the gift that never goes out of style and that everybody never has enough of no matter what they profess. The Parker Clan wishes all of you the very best, and all the love and happiness you can hold onto.


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Be Blessed, not Stressed


George and the Parker Clan


P.S.  I kept a couple of those cute little gowns and a pair of pink cuffs left behind by a cute young Nurse. I figured there must be a reward for returning them, after all, that’s what’s engraved on the inside, “4AGOODTIME-(424)663-8463. That sounds like a call to be made on the day AFTER Christmas???????????????????????????????


RIP Udo Juergens and Joe Cocker, your voices and presences will be missed so sorely. May God welcome and bless you both.

        Joe Cocker        Unchain My Heart


     Udo Juergens    Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf                     The Sun Always Rises Again

First THANK YOU for your concerns ///Second I might not be able to catch up

Thank you for all the messages and notes and replies. I still don’t have my laptop with me. My Daughter was to bring it, but Dr took it away before she could smuggle it in.

Spoil sport

She promised me she would post this for Dad.

Dear old Dad was apparently not just tired from chasing Kiddies around the house. We started with allergies, went to Bronchitis and now in the isolation ward with Panumoney (his spelling, not mine–he thinks he’s funny///Red2Sarah//I’m one of his Identical Twin DaughtersInLaw//Red1Sarina is my older Sister//5 minutes)

I expect to go home Friday night or Saturday morning at the latest. But I may not get caught up for a bit. Please know it’s not because I am ignoring anyone. If for some unexpected reason, my stay is extended, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a very Happy ****** whatever it is you celebrate.

If you celebrate nothing special, then along with my Christmas practicers, I wish you all love, good health, happiness, love, laughter, smiles and HUGS abundantly for the rest of the year.

WordPress is not ideal for my minismart phone, viewing yes, replying or writing no. Fat fingers small keys, nope ,not handy. But they didn’t my phone yet.

Glad my Dr doesn’t blog

I don’t think

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Amen and bless you all from a dungeon in TN hills

Thank goodness for Jack and Charlie, the Daniels Family

Christmas Lilly DarkInterludes ChristmasKiss

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I will probably be more out than in Today

Sinuses, allergies and the lot are not fun today, so I will not be my usual rapid reading and starring rabbit today. I hope I feel more up to my normal self tomorrow or next day. Not ignoring any of you, just can’t coordinate my tearing eyes, running nose and coughing today and screen isn’t waterproof yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of smiles, laughter and abundant Sunshine)))))))))))))))))))))))))

I hope to be back in full stride soon.


Whenever you meet a stranger…

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words

Whenever you meet a stranger in winter,
whether you’re shuffling through slush,
or slouched in a plastic seat on a bus,
lift up your gaze from below your cap
to look in his eyes for the tiny candle
that you’ve heard poets speak of,
some glimmer of humor or honeyed delight
that re-ignites when we greet each other,
spreading its light into concentric circles,
ever widening.  Imagine a rush hour bus
aglow inside from the tiny candles in all of us,
each one relit by someone who dared to look up
and smile at another instead of just looking away –
seeing at last not another brown coat in a seat,
but a human, illuminated, a sliver of divinity.
~~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer ~~

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