Give & Take

Just wonderfully done. A better explanation I have not read.


Participation Required:

You have but to ask

The pleasure would be mine

Set forth your task

And see me return one in kind



I prefer not to ask

I would rather be told

The art of a proper command

Is worth its weight in gold


Participation Required:

No conversation had

Experience never Presumes

But if my hand is accepted

It is your body that may be consumed



Your knowledge is key

Learning her is never done

She will stay at your side

With never the urge to run


Participation Required:

Confident the urge will be stayed

A tender lifting of the chin

Eye contact & understanding made

In Silence we decide to begin



The first step is yours

The next step mine

Waiting for the dance to begin

For want and need to entwine


Participation Required

Desires silent call

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