Sexy Short

Warning labels apply, sexy short, but powerfully effective


Play my body
Like a song
Pin my wrists
With hands so strong

Feel my heart
Start to race
Fast or slow
You set the pace

Use your teeth
To mark my skin
Unleash your animal
From deep within

Make me drip
With want and need
Then taste my passion
Sate your greed

Dewy skin
Throaty screams
As you thrust
Deep within

Fuck me hard
And harder still
Like only you can
Like only you will

Nails scrape
Hands bruise
I surrender myself
Yours to use

You take from me
I give to you
It is our dance
A love so true

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So sharp
It pierces like a knife
Claws at your skin
Like an animal

You ignore it
It grows
You feed it
It grows

The craving
Delicious ache
Relentless need
Greedy and growling

You will try to pacify it
With love and attention
From the masses
Adoration from the crowd

But it’s smarter than you
Wise and worldly
It will let you play
Soon, it will reign you in

It will focus on one
Time doesn’t matter
Distance won’t either
It doesn’t care

You will succumb
To its desire
To find its kindred
So prepare

It’s hungry

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