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Daily Prompt: Rare Medium

I am a poet because I suck at writing.  This post tells someone a lot about who I am in relation to the blogospher.  And there are a lot of great blogs mentioned.  So, in a way this, is my appreciation rant revisited.

Daily Prompt : On the Edge

  I wrote this while half asleep.  This is what I write when I just need to write.  I am not proofing it…because I am too tired.  But it was a purge of sorts…a way for me to write my appreciation for those that mean so much in this whole blogging life.  If I didn’t mention you it only means I need more sleep. 

I am one of those people that can see and find the good in anyone so it isn’t surprising to those that know me; I will befriend anyone.  I ask a lot of…

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Sexy Short


It has been a long day. At the end of a day like this, you want nothing more than to come home to some loving arms and special attention. You come into the house and I can see that you are weary, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It’s time for me to take care of you.

You walk to the sofa and collapse in exhaustion. I’m in the kitchen, grabbing you a beer and giving you a moment to decompress.I take my time and then I hear you.

“Come to me baby.” I walk into the living room with your beer and climb onto your lap. I rest my head on your chest and sigh as your fingers stroke through my hair. You drink your beer and we sit there in silence. I can feel your body slowly starting to relax. You finish your beer and…

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I have no shame

Megan Kay's Blog

I have
no shame
the bastard
asked for it

Nobody else
to blame
the fucker
had it coming

As I rest
where he lay
at my feet
cock still seeping

He lies next to
his deceit
her cunt
still dripping

I have
no shame
no more time
for stupid games

He knew
who I was
as I light
his last Cuban

He knew all along
what he was doing

How could he not
know that his cock
was in the wrong pocket

He had to have known
that I’d smell his lies

How could he not
know that I gripped
his now smoking pistol

I have
no shame
tipping his hat
adorning her pearls

Nobody else
to blame
I just did
what every
self respecting
girl deserves


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I’m Selfish #Poetry #ASMSG #SelfAwareness

Honesty abounds

Penelope Jones



I learned it after the first few heart breaks

I wasn’t going to have another reason to ache

I discovered I love too easily,

I give too much,

and I no long am a butter fly that wishes to fly



I learned it after the first few beatings

I wasn’t going to have another reason to ache

I listen for pitches in voice to change,

the posture of body,

the veins popping out in the neck.



I learned it after the first few times I was let down

I wasn’t going to have another reason to ache

I hold less stock in words than actions,

we teach people how to treat us,

and life isn’t a fucking bowl of cherries.



Is the root word of selfish …


If being self-aware leads to self-defense, which then leads to self-preservation makes me…

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Just For A Little While

Beautiful write, Read now.

Buttercup's Bullshit


Just for a little while
Thoughts have left me wanting
Things I can’t have
Dreams so real
I almost believe they’re true

…..Just for a little while
I dream you love me
That you want me too
I let myself hope
believe in your words so sweet

…..Just for a little while
Brought back to reality
With a jolt
Your silence my reminder
It was just a dream
Just a wish
That you were mine

…..Just for a little while
Sometimes I think I made you up
The things you’ve said to me
Just don’t seem real
The feelings I thought you had
felt real but

…..Just for a little while
I know where I stand
I know how you truly feel
You’ve told me your reasons
I understand them all
I wish that would stop the countless tears from falling

…..Just for a little while
That doesn’t stop my…

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the sacred road


tension –
in the still purity
of the moment.

courses in supple waves
a simmering ember
into a raging storm.

shuttered inhalations –
by a combustible

the taste of copper
my tongue.

losing ground
i close my eyes,
your enticing presence.

my breath
as your thumb
slides across
my tender lips.

i gasp
and open my eyes
to take in the desire
behind your gaze.

cupping my cheeks,
you lean
into me –
just below my ear.

the world
spins off kilter
and i am
lost at sea
without a raft.

i cling
to your waiting arms
as you whisper
your demands
for my submission.

lobe in delicious traction,
i surrender.

pulled tight –
held in place,
your lips
with the barest of contact.

within my soul
for the answers you seek,

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