Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty (updated) TY to all who have read so far TY

Long ago and far away, an olive skinned Mermaid danced across the Desert sands

She loved the Sea and it loved her, how much she didn’t and couldn’t know

That deep inside and across this Sea lived the soul of a wandering Desert man

Who was touched by the sight of this Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty.

Over long years, he’d loved and lost many bits and pieces of his heart.

One day he glanced across a screen and saw this miracle gliding on air indeed.

Her smile, her laugh, her words, shone a burning light through the night

Across the seas, thousands of miles away, these visions began to dance.

From behind grey glasses, he reached out, yearning to know more and more

Of this Beauty dancing across the sands, She truly at home only near the Sea

Words exchanged across miles and time zones, unhappily often delayed

No longer caring about infrequent gaps unless they stretched for days.

Often wandering in her mind back to the Sea, wondering if she lived a full life

Away from her love, the Sea, desiring near to live forever, knowing it couldn’t be

Just like the Desert wandering man abroad, sensing her soul was incomplete

Until she could be closer to the Sea waves that made her inner soul as One.

At times she sees her body and muses how much she has aged

Not knowing how many men dream of just holding her near

Or the precious visions she conjures up inside a Desert Man’s mind

Afar, the epitome of ageless Beauty dancing across the sands.

Adorned in transparent yet colorful veils, she glides as if on air

Angel in flight, whose wings are unseen to all but a Desert Man.

Breathless he watches, out of awe, respect and fear, I suppose

Not knowing how either will react, if suddenly he touches her hand.

Wondering across the miles, inside his mind he dreams

Of that  specialday in a very distant land,  where he might beat the odds

To at last, meet this Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty

Stop wandering for the first time in many years, finally to wonder nevermore.

Living lives in foreign lands, miracles of technology keep them close

Accepting the reality of lives filled with duties to those loved, held near.

Many a time during their contact lapses, both anxiously contemplated oft: What if

Mermaid/Dancing Beauty and Desert Man had wandered into the sea together?

Would She ever dance on land again? Or touch the Sea’s strong waves

Would they care about anything or anyone else? While holding hearts and hands?

So long apart, they felt Together could conquer anything with their Love,

Soon, would their Love of Desert and an uncontrollable Sea conquer them?

Seelen wissen es besser / Souls Know Better / Zielen weten beter German / English / Dutch

Virtuelle Liebhaber teilen ein Universum
Emotionale Nachrichten senden
Gefühlt und verstanden werden
Zwischen ihnen und keine anderen
Lernen sie schnell Antworten zu fühlen
In der Tat vor jemals geschriebenen
Gedankenlesen ist nur eine Fantasie
Empathen entziffern Energien nicht Worte
Schließlich können nicht lügen Herzen und Seelen
Gehirne können leider dazu gebracht werden
Seelen wissen es besser
Wie lernen wir zuzuhören?

Virtual lovers sharing a Universe
Sending emotional messages
To be felt and understood
Between them and no others
Quickly they learn to feel replies
Indeed before ever being written
Mind reading is only a fantasy
Empaths decipher energies not words
After all, hearts and souls can’t lie
Brains sadly can be tricked
Souls know better
How do we learn to listen?


Virtuele liefhebbers delen een universum

Emotionele berichten verzenden

Om te worden gevoeld en begrepen

Tussen hen en geen andere

Ze leren snel te voelen antwoorden

Inderdaad vóór ooit wordt geschreven

Gedachten lezen is alleen een fantasie

Empaths ontcijferen energieën niet woorden

Immers, kunnen niet harten en zielen liegen

Hersenen kunnen helaas worden misleid

Zielen weten beter

Hoe kunnen we leren om te luisteren?

Vision Entered His Life Today

A deep dark eyed Vision entered his life today,

Suddenly doors thought forever locked, opened,

Emotions made him shiver, trembling as before,

Hypnotized, unlocking his soul for her gaze,

Deep amber eyes like a stalking lioness staring,

Simply paralyzing him as a lone frightened prey,

Drawn into her dark hued eyes ever so deep,

Unable to resist their powerful magnetic pull,

Surrendering all possessions to her, his new Love

Tearing old walls down for her eyes of brown.

May you discover more Poets like Angel LaFlare


We are two



Souls floating together within a universe unknown.

We are piece by piece

Brick by brick

Slowly floating towards each other.

We are unique heartbeats

And loving words

And gentle caresses in the dead of night-

Yet we are separate.


I Pray We Never Let Go (Romance Sustains Us)

Romance is the glue to this.

It’s the glue to us.

It’s what’s holding us together.

Romance and everything that it entails

Is the force that is pulling at our inner


Slowly mingling our bones

And flesh

And souls together.

Romance sustains us,

While lust and addiction and pretty faces

Corrode us.

Romance holds us gently,

And I pray we never let this go.

I pray it never lets us go.

I pray we never let go.


Ginger Queen



Ginger Queen

An original “poem”(?originality isn’t questioned—-whether it meets any standards of poetry is a whole different story :<)))))), n written after the author had put away his pen many, many, many years ago to concentrate on Family and career. He made the right choices on priorities. Now he has more time on his hands and voices in his head that need any outlet.  Enjoy. Feel free to be completely honest, after all this was never his day job.))))))))))))))))))))) But after Jimmy Fallon beat him out for Jay Leno’s gig, what’s he got to lose????????????????????

RedRoseHOTTIE          Chris DeBurgh  Lady in Red

For all you Sexy Gingers out there, you have my adoration and respect. For any Man trying to keep up with one, you have my wish for perseverance, YOU’LL NEED IT. And lots of life insurance.

UPDATE on Standup Career:

Yesterday, He received a sympathy card from Jimmy Fallon, what a class act. It’s what he didn’t write that creates a question. Did Jimmy send the card because he heard about a medical condition or because he finally read a monologue that the author had submitted for Jimmy’s first Tonight Show appearance?       Guess we’ll never know, Jimmy’s wrapped up trying to figure out who is going to be the lucky salesman he’s going to buy his new truck from after contest is over.     (Not to worry, Update is just an attempt at a bit of humor, in case you need a giggle or laugh)      



Unearthed by Sweet Dreams @MiBelovedSelf (Twitter)

UnearthedSculpture B_W MiBelovedSelf

By the wind

The sands of time
Releasing her
From their grip

She is peacefully still
All her senses
Desperate to recall her origin
Her very essence

She stretches her stiff
Ancient body
So long buried
Instinctually reaching
Her arms
Up to the stars
With gratitude
For the kiss of life

Given to her by the night breeze,
Her body re-infused with life
Brushing the dirt from her skin
With a hungry fervor
That makes it
Glow with radiance

She stands

Not the woman she once was
Not quite the woman she will become
She is
Once again whole,
With the knowledge
That she will
Be buried


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Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore

Powerful combo of words and imagery by my Friend @donyakaren


His ship sails

Left behind

His anchor

the melody of his heart

All she did

was watch him go

Love letters

washed ashore


WavesMoon LoriRocks

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Remember A Poem by a Friend, Just Donya @donyakaren


Poetry and image from my Friend Just Donya… @donyakaren


when we sat

and read poetry

from dawn til dusk

then made love

all night long

Dusk is upon us

No more words


Beautiful combo of words and imagery by a very talented woman, who am blessed to call Friend.

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You won’t be disappointed

TY for your support and appreciation for her work