Sherley Sherly. Scenario 3. Kytty Bloom, manipulative of the crab basket

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author

Dear readers,

Here is a new article 4 of the film series Sherley Sherly, entitled: Kytty Bloom, manipulative of the crab basket.

Here is an extract:

Yann Cunningham was not the usual actions and Sherley who had taken him under his protection, knew disturbing.
– Yann, you made a big mistake recently (…) and I cannot give you access to some parts of the Think Up Zen.
– I know, the boy answered by observing the sky.
– I feel that you indifferent.
– I do indeed need your permission.
– What? Said, Ryōchōmei Akio. You seem sure of yourself.
– Say something Sherley! Was indignant Soleily Del Amontes heard how Yann
Sherley was content to drink a sip of water, avoiding answering.
– My network is not on the net and I calibrated city networks on mine.
– You’re in the fabric, no being. So explain yourself, says Fabrice…

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I am very happy to share this final post on compassion.  At the beginning of February a few good friends started the #1000speak initiative and more than a 1000 voices rang loud and proud on February 20th with their viewpoints.  I am very thankful for them and for all of my guest bloggers this month.

Lisa Thompson submitted a very thought piece here to leave us with a great parting thought, simply…. take the time to help others.  Please visit Lisa and check out her blog and then head over to the #1000speak blog to stay in the loop with the next initiative’s topic.  I happen to know what the next initiative is and I am very excited for it to be announced.



We all have different qualities we bring to the world. We are each given different gifts. However, one thing…

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“Be Gentle” – Promote Yourself

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Freedom in Madness

Mocking Bird Down


“I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.”
Kahlil Gibran, The Madman

Some days the crawl space between
the good that whispers kindness, and
the malice that screams mindless
vengeance, is suffocatingly narrow.
Mindless, because it is easy, the calculations come
so naturally. Too naturally.
I am fast to snap, and shoot the flare gun up
to the heavens as an invitation for
outcast legions to march over the hills.
Come and get me.
You will win, but I will be blood soaked before
it can keep me. Madness, before you can keep me.
I feel like I am hanging off the edge of a cliff,
the tips of my fingers barely clinging on.. and growing numb and tired;
on to what is real and what is…

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say cheese please #2

Life With Catnip

Friday afternoon

It’s snowing, sweetie

Stuck here in my room

Time for a selfie

Look at me

Say cheese



– be my poodle

“Be my poodle” is a photo series of Haiku and photographs in black and white about the faces of people and the expression of the smile.

Thank you for reading…welcome.

Submissions Welcome.

Send to Twitter @Catnipness

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