A Day With You

Work and real life just seem to cut down on the number of REALLY JOYFULL days like this.



I wake in the morning. All of you on top of all of me. Body on body, skin on skin. Your heartbeat pressed to mine. Your love weighing me down deliciously. Beautifully.


We savor our time in bed. Relaxing, planning our day. Looking forward to spending quality time with each other.


Solitude. Our time. Beautiful waters. Gorgeous weather. Holding hands and kissing as we love under the sun.


Hold on tight. Don’t ever let go. See how perfectly they fit? Yours hands were made to hold mine.


After a long day, our time isn’t over. It is just beginning. Time to get clean…so you can get me dirty.


My little one. On your knees for me. I can feel your pulse racing. I will fuck you hard. I will love you harder. Always.


See my mark. Feel my mark. You belong to me. Mine.


Feel me little one. Feel my…

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I have run out of pretty words to say. Until they come back to me, I thought I would get this off my mind.

I’m not a poet. I have the ability to rhyme every once in awhile. Poetry is insight on the writer to the reader. And quite obviously, I am not a poet, because I have never felt so misunderstood in such a long time.

I am complicated. Smart. Observant and attentive. Both bitter and sweet. I’m a good listener and say things without thinking.

There is so much more to me than anyone ever cares to find out. Which is both my loss and theirs because the gift of even a brief moment of understanding is a lovely thing. And I try my very best to return the gift.

I’m an angel. Crooked halo, dirty wings and broken heart just looking for someone to hold my hand.

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May 20th 2013 – An F5 tornado killed 24 people of which 10 were children.  Nearly 400 people were injured and, last I heard, 12-14 thousand homes were destroyed.  A large majority of the homes didn’t have even one wall left standing.  The tornado was nearly 1.5 miles across at its widest and was on the ground for almost an hour for 17 miles.  Can you even imagine that?  I live nearby and it doesn’t even compute for me even though I saw the aftermath first hand.

If you have lived in Oklahoma for a number of years you have probably witnessed Oklahoma coming together as a community on several occasions.  If there is one thing we do well it is organizing disaster relief; both natural and man-made.  According to FEMA we have endured 74 Presidential disasters in the past 60 years.  This post is dedicated to all my…

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Missing Pieces

Read, listen to the heart that wrote this piece.

Miss Moneypenny Naked

My aunt Georgia had 7 children. Her youngest son, Nathan was born the same month as me.

He was only 6 years old when he was riding his bicycle in front of their house and was hit by a car.

My aunt  heard the crash and the screams and she went running out to the road.

But there was nothing she could do. It was too late.

Her youngest child died in her arms.

One week earlier, Nathan had brought home a craft he had made at school. It was a Mother’s day bouquet of flowers he had made out of an egg carton and colored pipe cleaners.

Like all children, he was always bringing home drawings and crafts from school and many found their way into the garbage can.

After his death, my aunt frantically dug through the kitchen garbage can, tears streaming down her face, desperate to find…

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Nicely, heartfelt


Written by Sean Bidd and HastyWords
Written in support of the Moore community

Heavy was the weight
Of the building storm
Roaring rain screamed
Angry clouds barked
The black sky fell
Scouring the hard earth
Land rendered muddy dust
Nature at her most depraved
Our freedom laid waste
Do you hear them fall?
As the unbelievable fades
The tears of the brave, the lost
In a place torn asunder, twice
Terrorized faces within chaos
With a will to survive
Heads held up, brave
For the children
We do what we must
Harsh circumstances
The reality of life
Confronts each of us
Weakness is devoured
Our mindset, survival
Yet, patience testing every thread
These long waiting moments
Seeking lives short of time
The whole world waits for good news
Needing all the positive we can get
On into the night’s darkness toil
Sounds of victory and…

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