Memories and Senioritis, so illogical


jim croce


As Grandson and Daughter are sleeping, I’m listening to music. Funny, I can’t remember what I had last Friday for breakfast, but I can recall every word of this album.

Senioritis sucks, but thankfully it only effects short term memory and I could have sworn the Drs said if I kept drinking so much in the 70s and 80s, I’d not remember squat by the time I was 50………………….

Doctors and the “practice of medicine” what oxymorons………………………………  jim croce

Update from George/Georgie (Twins humore added in)

Happy Monday to all you in WP, Tumblr, Twitter, and IG


New Grandson coming home with Daughter tomorrow.

Happy and joyous is an understatement.

Thanks to you all for your outpouring of love and patience with me over the last couple of weeks. Your love and support are so obvious and APPRECIATED.

thank you

thank you

and a few words from my fellow Southerner, Jimmy Buffett

If I Was…

Hmmmm, only 10, hmmmm

Wet Bliss

If I was ten years younger
We’d make good lovers
If I was a petite size three
You’d be able handle me
If I was on my own and single
I’d let our essence mingle
If I was a little less selfish
I wouldn’t feel helpless
If I was able to be certain
I would lift the curtain
If I was more self assured
I wouldn’t be so absurd
If I was content in my skin
I wouldn’t be asking

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