Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty (updated) TY to all who have read so far TY

Long ago and far away, an olive skinned Mermaid danced across the Desert sands

She loved the Sea and it loved her, how much she didn’t and couldn’t know

That deep inside and across this Sea lived the soul of a wandering Desert man

Who was touched by the sight of this Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty.

Over long years, he’d loved and lost many bits and pieces of his heart.

One day he glanced across a screen and saw this miracle gliding on air indeed.

Her smile, her laugh, her words, shone a burning light through the night

Across the seas, thousands of miles away, these visions began to dance.

From behind grey glasses, he reached out, yearning to know more and more

Of this Beauty dancing across the sands, She truly at home only near the Sea

Words exchanged across miles and time zones, unhappily often delayed

No longer caring about infrequent gaps unless they stretched for days.

Often wandering in her mind back to the Sea, wondering if she lived a full life

Away from her love, the Sea, desiring near to live forever, knowing it couldn’t be

Just like the Desert wandering man abroad, sensing her soul was incomplete

Until she could be closer to the Sea waves that made her inner soul as One.

At times she sees her body and muses how much she has aged

Not knowing how many men dream of just holding her near

Or the precious visions she conjures up inside a Desert Man’s mind

Afar, the epitome of ageless Beauty dancing across the sands.

Adorned in transparent yet colorful veils, she glides as if on air

Angel in flight, whose wings are unseen to all but a Desert Man.

Breathless he watches, out of awe, respect and fear, I suppose

Not knowing how either will react, if suddenly he touches her hand.

Wondering across the miles, inside his mind he dreams

Of that  specialday in a very distant land,  where he might beat the odds

To at last, meet this Mermaid of the Sea/Dancing Desert Beauty

Stop wandering for the first time in many years, finally to wonder nevermore.

Living lives in foreign lands, miracles of technology keep them close

Accepting the reality of lives filled with duties to those loved, held near.

Many a time during their contact lapses, both anxiously contemplated oft: What if

Mermaid/Dancing Beauty and Desert Man had wandered into the sea together?

Would She ever dance on land again? Or touch the Sea’s strong waves

Would they care about anything or anyone else? While holding hearts and hands?

So long apart, they felt Together could conquer anything with their Love,

Soon, would their Love of Desert and an uncontrollable Sea conquer them?