George is awake, at least a bit at a time 10/25/2016

Dad’s little Angels disguised as his 4 year old Nieces, decided patience was not working so they took matters in hand last night. In their infinite wisdom, they ran into Dad’s room, vaulted the side rails like monkeys and jumped onto the bed and grabbed his hands and started shaking them up and down while yelling at him in German to” Wake Up, Opa” We were so shocked that no of us stopped them or reacted in time. Dad apparently knew they weren’t going to stop and opened his eyes long enough to see who had disturbed his peace and smiled. They wrapped themselves in his arms until he closed his eyes again. On and off throughout the night, he’s opened his eyes for minutes at a time and blinked yes and no to questions about pain or if he knew where he was or knew what had happened.

He didn’t remember leaving the house or Nieces finding him trying to get out of his recliner. So we tried to explain minimal details with him. He seems confused but recognizes us, so that’s a blessing and a start to recovery. Yes indeed, love works miracles and we’ll take every single little one along the way back for Dad. Just wanted you to know as soon as I got back. No one wanted to leave, but Dad doesn’t need to be overwhelmed yet.

Thanks again for all you prayers, thoughts, concerns and support for this extended journey. We are humbled by all the love we’ve received.

We expect some memory lapses, but we’ll deal with those as they pop up. The more he wakes up the more we know he will recover. Memories we can help recover or relearn. Dad’s fought this much, he’ll continue on no matter what he needs to do. Dad has always had a sense or feeling when he reads words from his friends, it’s been even stronger since he lost his voice.

His Nieces and he have had a special link since they were born, thankfully it was strong enough to get through all the darkness at the right time. Just knowing he is awake here and there makes all the tiredness disappear so quickly. We can see the light in his eyes when he wakes here and there and know we will have him back home soon. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

20 thoughts on “George is awake, at least a bit at a time 10/25/2016

  1. Oh I am so pleased Sarah that this is such positive news God Bless his 4 yr old nieces .. My prayers are still being sent.. I am so Happy for all of you.. This is such good news.. And I am sure your Dads progress is going to get stronger from now on.. Sending Healing thoughts for his strength to return..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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  2. I had a beautiful response. It got lost and I’m just so emotional right now I am not able to write again. I love your Dad and miss him more then words can possibly say. This news truly has been the JOY of my day!!! (((HUGS))) N<3

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  3. We know you are resting
    We understand,
    there is never a bad time
    to hold out
    a hand.

    You make people happy
    Me, you make smile.
    We stand shoulder to
    shoulder in a perfect

    We call you from slumber
    to hold out our hand
    in forever friendship
    across this turbulent

    If you could read this
    I’m sure that you’d
    I’ll get up tomorrow
    Now go away.

    An attempt to make your heart smile, get well soon George. 😇 from that bonkers Brit across the seas. Xx


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