Today was special
what could have have gone
terribly wrong,
your body convulsing,
went terribly right…
Visiting a friend
you tag along
my request
What should have been routine
turned to shit
when I saw your body,
fall to the floor
a tremble, a shake
and stopped
then again
and again
In the right place
a hospital,
you were brought
and stabilized
Others with expertise
and love
stepped up
I went with the flow
“what if”
Back home
you here
I can’t help but
the synchrony
in me requesting
you falling in the right place
with the right ones with you
now fine
now calm

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~

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Tech Tip for Writers #75: What’s My IP Address

Tech Tip for Writers #75: What’s My IP Address


Tech Tips for Writers is an occasional post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.

We discussed phishing earlier this week. This Tech Tip is a follow-on:

Q:I need my computer’s IP address, but I don’t know where to find it. Help!

A: Let’s start with why you might need your IP address. Here are a few reasons:

  • your Web hosting company asked you for the IP address to troubleshoot your internet connection or an email problem.
  • you fear your computer’s internet access has been hacked so want to know where it last occurred. How’s that work? My IP address is different at home than at the local free WiFi–even if I use the same computer in both places. An IP address isn’t…

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Disco shower head 

5 minutes more please

So we have a new disco shower head because that’s just what every home needs right???

Never a dull moment that’s for sure when it comes to living with my husband. Last week I came home to find we have a heat lamp in one of the light sockets in the family room and this morning I wake up and find a new disco shower head, who knows what we might find next week.

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My #BeReal guest today is Rachel Thompson.

She is powerful. She is passionate. She is a survivor. She is empowering.

I read her book, Broken Pieces, in one sitting this week. I couldn’t put it down. It is a book full of emotions that hurt, and yet there is power behind each word imparting strength. There is a link you can click below to get it for free today and tomorrow.

So many of us live with shame.Rachel creates communities where the hope is to leave shame behind. She constantly inspires me with her bravery, her dedication, and her will to help others not only survive but to thrive.

She is a shame fighter.


She tears at her scars the way an addict picks at his scabs … constantly, peeling layer after layer away, watching with detached fascination at how the healing process can start and…

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Haiku challenge: Five and Thrive

Jane Dougherty Writes

This week’s haiku challenge from Ronovan was made for me. Well, me and everybody else with five children. My haiku seem to come in pairs, so here they are. Please visit Ronovan’s blog for links to the other blogs participating.

The painting is by Van Gogh

Five roses we made
five plants set against our wall
climb and thrive in peace.

Five children we made
a bower for our old age
thrives in our shelter.

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Little Reminder – Blog Party at The Chicago Files August 1st!

The Chicago Files

Butter Tartsphoto courtesy of

I am really excited to be hosting my first ‘blog party’ here at The Chicago Files tomorrow morning! We’ll get started at 5:00 a.m. Central Time (10:00 a.m. GMT for those in the UK).  Everyone is invited!

Here’s an overview of the blog party:

1. Choose one of your favorite posts from your blog.  Whatever you’d like to share with the rest of us, whether it be about travel, novels, food, personal adventures, blogging, photography, etc…………. You may share up to three of your posts during the party, but please post only one at a time.  It’s best to wait awhile before sharing your second and third posts, as it will give others enough time to join in the fun!

2. Paste the link to your post in the comment section of the ‘party post’ (which will be ready at 5:00 a.m. Central Time, 10:00 a.m…

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