The short life and unlamented downfall of *Clean Reader* leads to musings on the reader-author relationship

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

The short life and unlamented downfall of Clean Reader leads to musings on the reader-author relationship

Blink and you might have missed the kerfuffle. The so-called Clean Reader app offered the chance to read without sullying your precious mind with rude words and profanity by covering them with an alternative deemed acceptable by the app’s creators. However, the backlash from authors including Joanna Harris meant that very rapidly the company was obliged to remove all books from its catalogue. The app seems to still exist (so perhaps my blog headline might be misleading) but I shall watch with interest the developments. I have a feeling we are not done with Clean Reader yet.

There were some excellent explorations about what the existence of such an app means, the best of which was here:

A conversation on Twitter set me to thinking about the relationship between reader and author…

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Gift of Guilt

Source of Inspiration


Follow your guilt
for it is your soul
talking to you
making you feel uncomfortable
showing you what needs attention.

Love yourself more than
your need to please others.
Let go of needing acceptance
release the need to fix, save
rescue others.
Let others live their lives
to learn from their experiences.
You do the same.

The best way to help others
is to live the life you
want them to have.
Practice allowing
which creates space
for others to find
their own answers.
Become selfish
live your own life
to its fullest–a life of love.

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Mr. Postman.. please deliver this to Heaven for me

Shanpagne's World

Dear Mom…

Tomorrow makes 15 years ago that you left us.  Some days it feels like just yesterday when you left, other days it feels like you’ve been gone forever.  You’ve missed so much in our lives and I wish I could talk to you and tell you about it all!  I know you see it from where you spend your days, but I still wish I could just sit and talk to you about it.  Oh how I miss you..

Jonathan is going to turn 18 in a month!  Can you believe that?  He’s a senior in High School getting ready to graduate.  His dream of joining the military he has realized will not come true because of the medicine’s he takes every day so now he has decided he wants to be a police officer.  I won’t lie, it’s scary because it’s scary times right now for Law…

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My Body Is Your Parchment

Siren Whispers


My body is your parchment

To write upon

A flourish of words

Blinding in their beauty

Perfectly created

And molded to their subject

As a second skin

Tattoo my soul with these words

Using your midnight ink

Making me yours for all time

Your muse

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You Are My Want

Decisions, decisions, what a dilemma

Siren Whispers


You are my want

You are my need

You are my desire

You are my salvation

Of sin

A sin I wish

To bathe in

Get lost in

Be consumed by

Until it is part of

Every inch of me

Until it touches

The deepest parts

Of me

Until I am sin


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