A day for Rain


Stumbling Sara

A day for Rain

Waking to the sounds of water flowing down.
My garden needs this love.
Plants grow and so do I.
Reveling in raindrops, slumber slips away.
Once was sinking; now i rise above.
For rain never lies.
Wash away my sadness
Cleanse, absolve these sins.
Dark, pretty clouds simper as they fizz.
Wonder to the trees, which protect, shelter.
I become unburdened of You who hindered me.

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well done

Stumbling Sara


I’ve had more than one affliction.
Now have new addictions.
A penchant for words, books, wifi.
Long gone are the days I lied.
Map my life by my mistakes.
But at least this girl ain’t no fake
Want others to hear my story and know not what to do.
For you’ll end up like me, mightily confused.
I sometimes think I am broken.
That inside I am frozen
But instead of seeking nightly joys.
I understand that’s part of my flaws.
Lazy lidded days are over.
No longer even recognize her.
For from the ashes I did rise.

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#LaceChallenge by Erik S Lehman

S.J's Blog

The Mystery Under

A web is weaved over a mystery
Pastel colors … oh, what they do to me
“Be careful,” the mind says, “just in case.”
For dangerous curves
Hold risk in grace
As man
I would throw caution to the wind
Lifting the veil
To spy in
And offer my life
For just one taste
Of what lives under the lace….

 © Erik. S. Lehman 2014.

Find more from Erik on his blog and on Goodreads.

His book Daughters of the rose is also available from amazon now.

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The Challenge

S.J's Blog

Walking through town my mind drifting to what had happened last night as I lay sated and content in his arms and the challenge he had set. A challenge I was sure I wouldn’t be able to complete but I hadn’t argued as he told me what he wanted me to do, even now as I thought about it I could feel myself beginning to blush.

Can I really do as he asked?

As I ponder this I hear my phone, it’s him, the text tone is the one that I set especially for him, whenever I hear that tone I feel excitement course through my body, my desire rising for him from something as simple as that. Taking the phone out of my handbag I open his message and read… ‘Enjoy your shopping little one and don’t forget to do as I asked.’ A smile appearing on…

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#LaceChallenge by Sabine

S.J's Blog

Laces and live coals

Will doesn’t help
you made it an urgent call
lace after lace you got me on live coals
despaired by your pleading eyes

Formerly an agent of love and romance
you drifted into senseless distraction
letting me hanging on crazy Amour
laces eating me on live coals

Will is my nightmare
an angel of delights
dreamt in the rush of blood
laces dilluting my skin into cold brushes

Live coals went straight to my heart
undeniably soft and charming
black and red traces for eternity
lace after lace you got me on live coals

© Sabine 2014.

PS: A huge thanks to SJ to let me participate, it’s not everyone who does that. It’s a real honour to be part of this. I hope you enjoyed it.

Find more from Sabine by popping over to either her Twitter account @Sabsam789 or her blog.

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