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Franny was running late. She made a lunge for her picnic basket and strapped it to the back of her broom. She had a date with Sheridan by the lake and she was ever so late. She stepped outside her front door, mounted her broom, and with a quick push off the ground was soon high in the air, speeding to meet him.

She found Sheridan, lying naked by the lake, gazing into the twilight sky.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Franny. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Not at all,” said Sheridan. “I’ve been composing a poem in honor of the Man Spell. Would you like to hear it?”



I kissed my witch, both high and low,

I’ve delved into her bosom,

But many a soul is lost inside.

That naughty Franny’s chasm.


A man would travel hill and dale,

From heaven’s gate…

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Penelope Jones

Why do I give myself so freely
Only to continually be rejected

Because I love everything about you
Your heart thrives in the soul you dejected

Because you need someone to believe in you
Our thoughts mingling as one only to be reflected

Unconditional love doesn’t come with stipulations or a handbook
Destiny can just appear at your door
All you must do is look

Don’t just stand there, get moving… dreams do come true
We can make this happen; I’m waiting for your queue
Giving up isn’t an option for you

Not this time

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Tease Temptress

She likes to tease me, and does it oh, so well.

Sometimes I’ll come home to a trail of clothes through the house. I’ve been lead to the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, where she waits for me, wet and needy.

Sometimes she’ll rub her fingers on my lips and they taste of her, that tangy sweetness I love to eat.

Sometimes she’ll send me pictures, of her breasts, of her ass up in the air, of her fingers between her legs.

And sometimes, sometimes, all she does is look up at me with lust and greed in her eyes and a single word on her lips: Master.


I like to tease her too. I touch and stroke and pull, and not let her come until she cries and whimpers and begs for it.

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Welcome to my latest blog. I am mixing it up again this week with an interview tagged to me by Alice Huskisson – see her blog here.

Q. Where were you born and where do you live at the moment?

A. I was born in the Fenland market town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, very close to the Norfolk and Lincolnshire boarders. I live in Wisbech but spend a lot of time travelling, especially in the Baltics and most particularly Lithuania.

Q. Have you always lived and worked in Britain or are you based elsewhere at the moment?

A. Whoops, I seem to have answered this question with my previous answer!

Q. Which is your favourite part of Britain?

A. Very hard to answer! I love Norfolk for so many reasons and have deep roots there. My maternal grandmother was born in the King William pub in Sedgeford and her…

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Penelope Jones

  • The Beautiful Catastrophe my work in progress.. please enjoy the Snippet, and below is a bit more details about the erotic romance.


“Please… please…” I couldn’t articulate what I needed, but I hoped my body was waving the white flag at him!

“Come for me…” My pleas were heard, and permission granted, my body convulsed under the steady beating of his hips into my own, and the air gushed from my lungs as I cried out.

“Yes! Please don’t stop… please!” I begged as my orgasm continued to erupt. Molten lava felt like it pumped through my veins, my toes curled, and my body shivered for moments even after it was over. Panting to breathe, and I peeked through my lashes at him, and he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

“Less than two minutes Catastrophe… good thing you aren’t a man…you would have a bad reputation.” He…

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