George is awake, at least a bit at a time 10/25/2016

Dad’s little Angels disguised as his 4 year old Nieces, decided patience was not working so they took matters in hand last night. In their infinite wisdom, they ran into Dad’s room, vaulted the side rails like monkeys and jumped onto the bed and grabbed his hands and started shaking them up and down while yelling at him in German to” Wake Up, Opa” We were so shocked that no of us stopped them or reacted in time. Dad apparently knew they weren’t going to stop and opened his eyes long enough to see who had disturbed his peace and smiled. They wrapped themselves in his arms until he closed his eyes again. On and off throughout the night, he’s opened his eyes for minutes at a time and blinked yes and no to questions about pain or if he knew where he was or knew what had happened.

He didn’t remember leaving the house or Nieces finding him trying to get out of his recliner. So we tried to explain minimal details with him. He seems confused but recognizes us, so that’s a blessing and a start to recovery. Yes indeed, love works miracles and we’ll take every single little one along the way back for Dad. Just wanted you to know as soon as I got back. No one wanted to leave, but Dad doesn’t need to be overwhelmed yet.

Thanks again for all you prayers, thoughts, concerns and support for this extended journey. We are humbled by all the love we’ve received.

We expect some memory lapses, but we’ll deal with those as they pop up. The more he wakes up the more we know he will recover. Memories we can help recover or relearn. Dad’s fought this much, he’ll continue on no matter what he needs to do. Dad has always had a sense or feeling when he reads words from his friends, it’s been even stronger since he lost his voice.

His Nieces and he have had a special link since they were born, thankfully it was strong enough to get through all the darkness at the right time. Just knowing he is awake here and there makes all the tiredness disappear so quickly. We can see the light in his eyes when he wakes here and there and know we will have him back home soon. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

All That You Are



All that You Are

You are the Shrine my Heart runs to when She is Lonely, Weak or Frail,

You are the Temple in which I kneel when my Sorrow forces me to Wail,

You are the Covenant Never to be Broken

The Promise my Soul Knows, Though it has never been Spoken,

You are my Fortress,

My Rock,

Firm Foundation,

You are the Joy in my Life’s Jubilation.

You are the Morning that gently wakens me

You are the soft ripple in the field’s Grassy Sea,

You are the Lark, Singing Sweet and Fair,

You are Love, Waiting with Patience Beyond Compare.

You are the Light in my Darkness of Night

In my World of Wrong,

You are Truth.

You are Light!

Beautiful Photograph found at : iwritemyideas.blogspot

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Fotoverslag Castlefest 2015

Patty van Delft

Afgelopen weekend was het jaarlijkse Castlefest in Lisse, een heerlijk fantasy festival voor jong en oud! 🙂

Natuurlijk was ik, samen met mijn collega schrijvers van Celtica Publishing, ook weer van de partij.

Het was ontzettend lekker weer en er was veel te zien en vooral te beleven, vooral dankzij de vele vrijwilligers.

Hieronder een klein foto verslagje!


De boeken van Drägan Duma liggen er klaar voor!


Samen met Evi en Femke achter de stand van Celtica Publishing.


Ook dit jaar mocht ik weer voor een hoop leuke mensen signeren!


En signeren…


En nog meer signeren! 🙂


Zodat veel boeken een nieuwe boekenkast mochten vinden! 🙂


Jeffrey was zaterdag ook van de partij. Zijn Engelstalige sciencefiction komt in september uit.


 Gelukkig is er ook even tijd om met vrienden en fans op de foto te gaan. 🙂




Er was ontzettend veel te zien en te beleven.



En heel…

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Contemplation for the month of August……thoughts are potent!


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“Thus in the course of time thoughts of hate and envy may thrust themselves upon individuals, groups or whole nations, wherever they find homogeneity, impelling them to actions expressed in forms entirely different from those that first arose through your toying with thoughts!……..
But on the other hand you can also contribute even more powerfully to the peace and happiness of humanity, and through pure, joyful thinking can have a share in works that develop through total strangers.
From this the blessing also naturally flows back to you, and you do not realize why.
If you could but once see how the immutable Justice of God’s All-Holy Will is always fulfilled in the self-acting Laws of this Creation for every single thought you habour, you would strive with all your might to attain purity in your thinking!”

– “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by…

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One day at a time!


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“Would you like to know your future?

If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator.

So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence — a surprise.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


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Happy Pink B-day to the Pinkies & our Pink friends


Pinkd - 1

HAPPY❤BIRTHDAY❤TO❤THE❤PINKIES both JM and I our birthdays are in August and also Ezra and❤sweet PinkBling GIGI❤! In honor of all our birthdays I wore my PINK❤wig to Ezra birthday party! It went over like PINK❤balloons! Except Ezra doesn’t like pink he a his favorite color is green! I love that too! 

My goal was for all the girlies to get their sassy pants on and wear this PINK❤wig! It was most fun because no everyone is the queen of fun and being silly like me! I know how to play that’s for sure so here’s what happened!

Pinkd - 2This is Alissa she looked like❤Ariel❤to me! She was being just a little bit shy but before the day was over she was jumping, laughing playing and having a blast! I think it was the PINK❤wig! It’s magical! 

Pinkd - 3AWE this is Minny! Yes her name is Minny. I love that so much!…

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