Hit the road Jack!


Hey Jack!
lets go get smacked
lets call collect
to a fierce duet
Hit the road Jack!
what a couple of days of posting
and hosting flash fiction prompts
now I have my own songs
called “screwed up sandals”
my feet hurt, from staying in bed
bed of in house
so out house
gonna find a mouse, today
yep, sap, snap!!!
here dear, dear don´t smear
cause Jack is about to get you by the rear.
Hit the road Jack!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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Little Box Of Tears

Jennifer Calvert Author

tears http://www.pinterest.com The echo of the woods,
Plays back against my ears,
A crying wail – of misery resonates, my fears,
And in the canopy of the trees, Silver-Top Ash and White Oak,
Thin breath and shun,
And a garden of sun; chasing shadows, in the fog,
Blue and silent,
The sound drapes,
Frightens – the willy-wag tails,
I follow, the path,
Undiluted by the cries,
Until, I come upon,
A little box,
Of sighs,
Sitting within the leaves,
A girl of twenty and five – Sleeps beside,
Her frail hands shelter the silver chest,
Skin of white ash residues,
Dry eyes – red and pained,
Her face – a myriad of softly falling rain,
To scope her up – carry her away,
Bequeath the woodlands,
Her little box of tears.

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BB & I had a few visitors today

Tell Me About It


Ezra and my mom came to visit BB today. Ezra stayed behind to play with his new friend Kayden. Let me tell you about my best friend! That’s what BB said when she saw this photo.


Aunt Micki do you think we can push this?


Yes I think they can!


I taught them how to skip rocks.


Aunt Micki did you know that farmers do this… chew on wheat? I do now. I tell you what I found out so many things I didn’t know. Boys are explorers and very daring. I really love that. I needed me some Ezra fun time.



It kinda hard to be serious when fun is happening around you!

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About me…cause I’m new


So I’m a 33 year old mother and wife and I love my life. However, I always felt there was something missing…hmmm expressing my sexuality and expressing it with like minded people. I feel like “hey” we’re adults why does everyone make such a big deal about it? Well here’s my take on it:

People are afraid of what others may think
They’re embarrassed/ashamed
Not sure how others will view them
Afraid of judgment
Afraid of losing relationships with others

The list goes on….I’m creating this blog as a safe haven for true “freedom of expression” this will be an erotic blog with erotic language so if you’re easily offended then this is defiantly not the blog for you. So let’s get sexy, let’s get erotic, let’s get down to this whole “sex thing”

Erotic S

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Perfection of early morning…


Siren Whispers

photoClick here for audio.

She is drawn to the window

Pulling the sheet from the bed

She wraps it around herself

She kneels, entranced

By the snow

By the pale, pure light

Of the morning

She breathes deeply

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the silence

Enjoying the perfection of the early morning

The beauty of the day

And from his position on the bed

He was enjoying the beauty

Of her

*This is another piece written last year. The snow in winter brings many memories for me and moments like this that I imagine. I do so love the early morning and its stillness and the incredible winter light and how that plays upon the skin. I’ve added audio, perhaps, to justify the re blogging.


Artwork by Zhaoiming Wu

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