These Things A Prayer

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words

As a child, I had a patron saint,

St. Theresa of Lisieux, the Little Flower.

The saint of small things:

a washed dish, raked leaves,

clothes hung on the line,

these things a prayer.

Sometimes I remember

that my life is like all others,

the past gone, the present here,

the future, what future?

Sometimes I remember

to look for the present

under the pepper tree.

There I find a green prayer

in the rustle of leaves,

a brown one, as silent bugs

burrow in dry earth,

or white, like the cat,

stretched warm in the sun,

still, on the stone wall.

~~ Tere Sievers ~~

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Sensory Overload

Words From My Warped Mind

Blindfolded eyes
Other senses enhanced
Soft teasing feathers
Or petals from plants
Kisses and licks
Wetting the skin
Breath blown over
Sending shivers within
Flesh tightens
Puckers and peaks
Cold chains bind
Warm wood beneath
Held in place
So ready to taste
Each touch makes her guess
What’s coming next
Leather covered hand
Strokes and slips down
Parting petaled folds
Sinking deep in
Teasing with one
Caressing with two
Stretching with three
Before pushing in four
Gasping and moaning
Wanting to writhe
Held tight in place
By his perfect binds
Thumb rubs bud
Contracting begins
Grasping fingers
Gripped tightly within
Essence flows
Over leather clad flesh
That pushes her closer
To climax withheld
Till words of command
Allows pleasure overload
Hand still caressing
Till contractions cease
Pleased with his girl
His precious little one
He whispers softly
That the fun has just begun…

@ S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from…

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Foraging for Food

Source of Inspiration

wild strawberry

Gathering food in the floresta
fruits warm from the sun
berries, roots, nothing
in styrofoam or plastic
wrap, no tin cans covered
in rat droppings.

Fresh greens picked
and eaten by a stream
food created by God
not in a laboratory of
greed. No wonder we
are overweight, filled
with diseases caused
by toxic substances in
our food, water and air.

Food and water have become
weapons of mass destruction.
Chemtrails fill our lungs with
slow death. GMOs destroy our
future food supplies.

Let’s bring back
wild strawberries
savored on a summer day
salads sweet and fresh
crisp and delicious
fruit with natural flavor
good health for all.

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The Normality of Insanity

Source of Inspiration

ink blots

The world is full
of ink blots,
each one seen
differently by the viewer.
Everything we see is
colored by our
experiences and
a quantum world
of no reality.

It was a red car,
blue car that crashed
into the truck, bus
witnesses who see
the scenes of life
like museum goers
looking at art pieces.

What is real…or
does anything truly exist?
Is insanity the norm
all of us locked
in a world of
our own making?

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