very touching, Milady

Stumbling Sara


You tried to cover the cracks which split me in two.
But you don’t understand that it was you.
That made me crumble and fall.
You took all you could.
I am left, raw.
So, if you would.
Step over my heart this time.
I don’t want to be misunderstood.
You were never mine.
I burn like wood.
Ashes remain.

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Friday Fantasy- Unbroken Memory Part One

I want 2 just in case I have to share))))))))))))))))))))))))


Unbroken Memory 1

Gray Light and half tones,

Shimmering Shadows,

Throwing Stones,

Magical Musings upon the Morrow,

Depths of Promise,

Lurking Sorrow,

Fill the Pages of Mystical Rhyme,

Enchanting, Beguiling,

Perplexing the Mind.

Unbroken Memory 2

End Part One…

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Anne Stokes

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When Poetry Gets A Name

A Shade Of Pen


I never knew what it felt

To know how it feels

When poetry gets a name

And when it did

It felt like a hundred stars shining bright

Not just in the dead of the night

But, even in the morning time

When poetry gets a name

It feels that even the nonsense rhymes

Have something beautiful to speak

It feels that even the silent smiles

Have something to express

It feels like even good morning

Is a promise of the upcoming times

It feels like even the good night

Is not a goodbye

When poetry gets a name

You feel all of this and more

Your life looks painted in red

The shades brighten the canvas

And the picture looks dreamy

I feel infinite with the sun

I shine like the moon

I talk to the stars

I fly high in the sky

When poetry gets a name


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Friday Fantasy – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail



Little Prytt lived in quite a special house, a house that went with her wherever she went and kept her warm on cold nights. It was not because it was made of sturdy brick and stone, not because it was nestled close in the embracing arms of a broad oak, or because it was protected in the close company of the village. Her home hummed and trilled and sang songs with her on dark nights. It moved quietly and slowly through even the rockiest terrain and took her to magical places, although she never left home. Most importantly of all, it was her friend and companion- something no ordinary house could ever be.

Little Prytt’s house was, in fact, her best friend. Many nights they watched the luminous sun bow graciously at the sill of the world, bidding the sweet, quiet forest goodnight before it slipped silently into its nightly…

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Poetry for today: Splinters





Forever, you told me

And I believed it wholeheartedly

An undying love shared

Two souls who found each other and cared


Always, you told me

Would you care for me so deeply

I would never lose you, not you

No matter what I would say or do


By my side, you told me

Is where you would be

Never losing faith in one another

We would only grow closer


Together, you told me

Our lives entwined for eternity

To never be alone, two hearts beat as one

But, as I discovered, forever isn’t quite that long


Goodbye, you said to me

Undying love lost so easily

And now I am looking down from above

On the splinters of our lost love

Just Patty

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Pool of dreams

Pool of dreams

indeed, perfect

Peace, Love and Patchouli

She sits by the edge
Gathering the dreams
That move along
Like a leaf in a stream.
Her mind drifts along
With a song and a whisper
Of sunshine in her heart.
She gazes down
Seeing reflections
Of changes
Of truth
Of a wonderful life
And all that will be.
She gathers up wishes
And touches her face
Laughing as the wetness
Runs down upon her heart,
Cleansing like a summer rain.
She moves farther down
Un afraid to see
The reality
Of all she desired
Of all she believed
Of each and every
Hopeful wish and dream.
Pooled and sparkling at her feet,
She scoops them all in her hands and
Throwing them so high,
Each speck turned to a star above
For all of the world
To wish upon.
She takes flight
With her wings of gold
And flies out amongst her kind
Gone for but a brief…

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Demons and Angels

Source of Inspiration


Do demons exist only
in cultures that believe
in them? And angels, too?
How much do our beliefs
shape our experiences
drawing into our realities
all we put into our focus?

There is much being said
about our thoughts creating
our realities. Intriguing
idea begging consideration
yet, we do not live in
isolation so cultural
influences must come
into play.

How much am I independently
manifesting; how much is
interplay with others?

Step outside the box and
and consider if you are living the
life you choose or simply are
swept along in the currents
of existence.

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Friday Fantasy – Little Prytt and Simyn Snail Part Two



In spite of the shortness of their journey, Little Prytt kept a sharp ear tuned to the sounds coming from the forest. At any moment the ferocious crimson monster could careen out of the shaggy undergrowth or the bounteous, swaying treetops to terrorize them.

Fluttering, tumbling, darting and spiraling ahead of Simyn, Little Prytt danced upon the warming morning zephyr and sang a wordless song, attempting to lighten both their nervous spirits, and soon the broad clearing came into view.

It was a swaying ocean of tall grasses with feathery, seeded tops bristling in the breeze. Colourful flowers decorated the ocean of green and a bright, blue sky smiled overhead. Around its border stood the tall sentinels of the forest; raising their leafy heads hundreds of feet into the air, while at their feet stood gatherings of flowering wild rose bushes and fragrant honey-blossom shrubs. Here and there, rabbits contentedly…

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