20 thoughts on “PSA of sorts

      • Forgot golden rule of aging. Don’t kneel with bad knee, it doesn’t forgive and it is a master of the PAYBACK process, more ruthless than the MOB.
        Ice packs and pills and shots, but surviving, so can’t complain. MY OWN DANG FAULT, well partial blame goes to joint for not listening to brain and brain for not stopping that learned reflex of following like a lemming during Mass.))))))))))) glad you enjoyed yourselves. Not too many waves, I hope, seasick any?


      • Oh no! Are you okay, George? Oh I am so sorry to hear about this. 😦

        Quite a few waves but no seasickness! *grin*

        Haha, “the mob”; hhhhmmm, and where I do live?


      • OMG that sounds like the perfect medicinal cocktail! *LOL* Hope you feel better soon! If not, more JD and it will be just fine! Yes, thanks, George, we had a wicked storm last night. Hours of thunder, intense lightning, and rain. Oh, Happy Canada Day! I will be doing a post this morning about it! Cher xo


      • glad you survived without damage. Yesterday I was distracted making plans for surgery, recovery, and life in between, I hate legal stuff, necessary, but still a pain in the neck and multiple other places))))))))))))). Today is a little better, thankfully.)))


      • Oh I am sorry about you having to have surgery, George. 😦

        I’m glad it is a little better today, though. It sounds like a really menacing thing to go through, but here’s hoping it will be well worth it, George.


      • TY, it’ll have to get better or I’ll have to sharpen up my chain saw)))))))))))))))))))))))) 4 surgeries and recovery of over 1 year. Then, if all goes well, I can keep up with women twice my age.)))))))))))


      • Perfect excuses for staying home and off the road for a good long while. Haven’t spent a lot of time here since buying it and renovating it for more than a year. Visiting family is good, but after a while, you miss your own bed and liquor cabinet))))))))))))))))))


      • I place my neighbor, former SEAL, in charge in my absence, open account at local liquor store. doesn’t abuse, but makes sure it’s full stocked at all times, never know when the proper occasion will arise out of nowhere, like days ending in Y


      • *LOL* Well now, that is an interesting role model, dear George! But I must say, he certainly does not succumb to public pressure. He does his own thing and for that I salute him (and you)! xoxoxo


  1. Can you believe my advisor in college wouldn’t approve my Thesis: Peter Pan, My Adult Role Model or Why I see no reason to grow up instead of just older? Hope you had a great weekend. With the exception of fireworks overload, mine was pretty good all in all. First time in a LONG time, I actually slept in my own bed, not a couch, a child’s bed or recliner. Didn’t sleep long periods, not anything new, but body felt rested when I finally turned out this morning.


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