14 thoughts on “Home Alone

    • Continue to write and share, that will be more than sufficient thanks, indeed. Trying to write and keep up with comments and such sometimes overwhelm people. Remember to breathe, keep this enjoyable for yourself, not fall into it becoming a task, a job, a deadline that creates stress. Relax, let it just flow and if others can’t understand, that’s their problem.
      Don’t make it yours. Non artists don’t understand that the art of writing doesn’t come from assemblyline processes. It comes from inside, it’s not an object, it’s a living spirit, delicate but ever so strong at the same time. Can’t be rushed, quality suffers when put under pressure. Don’t settle.


      • That’s the mistake I made with my last blog and that’s why I closed it down and took a step back for a while. Now I write what I want, when I want and I don’t stress and worry except when organising something like the lace challenge. You are right quality suffers when you try to force it. However I will continue to say thank you to you and anyone else that comments or reblogs but that’s the type of person I am and I truly appreciate when someone takes the time to read my words.


      • I will always gladly accept your thanks. Just didn’t want to add pressure or stress on anyone. Sometimes I get a little behind and then come on with free time and wear out my buttons. Blessing and curse of speed reading training by old careers. You are very kind and veryyyyyy talented.


      • I think we are all the same, I for one have a habit of getting behind and speed reading is also a talent of mine so I tend to batter people with likes and comments lol. You are also very kind and thank you so much for saying I’m talented, it means such a lot x


      • Yes, indeed. You have a gift and if anyone doubts that, either they are blind or their brains are fried. I may not possess much talent, but I have an appreciation of art, mainly the spoken and written words. Otherwise a simple, but well read older man. Days like this make me appreciate my sight and glad I just lost my voice, not my eyes.


      • I think you are my new most favourite person! You are so, so kind and I’m sending you huge hugs. I also think I agree losing your sight would probably have been worse, I know it’s the one thing I worry about.


      • I am so thankful for technology. It would definitely be a longer adjustment to make. Pics just wouldn’t be the same))))) Not sure I can redo all my flash cards into punched cards. I would really have to rethink my StandUpComic routine, along with my karaoke career. Of all the things I’ve loved and lost, I miss my mind the most.)))


      • Technology does have it’s good points. Losing you mind is fab, lost mine years ago but it makes things much more interesting :))


      • Indeed, my kids say I only lost the uptight, serious parts. The silly and outrageous remained. They don’t let me go to viewings alone anymore, it’s supposed to be solemn and serious. Only if I’m not there))))) Or I forget my dry erase board


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