Keeping Yourself Grounded

Yasmin Glinton

The things I’ve been thinking lately.

Sometimes we get caught up in getting to know a person that is exciting, new and refreshing that we lose ourselves. We get lost experiencing life the way they experience life. All the things we did now seem dull and boring. Suddenly, we’re invited and urged  to go to places, to seek things beyond ourselves. Life is rejuvenated and we’re suddenly on a mission to explore every inch of living with this new zest we have. 

This new world seems to open us to so many ideas and experiences, it’s like being born again. There are so many directions that we find ourselves pulled in. We’re drawn in by the lush colors and opportunities. Taking time to sit down and figure out which direction we should take is far removed from our conscience. The only thing we’re interested in is exploring. Venturing into this…

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