The Smell of New Possibilites

Christina Strigas

She had a thought to open up a boutique

in her garage. Put some hooks on a wall

line up the bikes and skates,

organize his tools in alphabetical order

put up a cool Japanese divider

with artistic flair. She thought

the mid-forties women at the gym

would buy her knock off dresses

for forty bucks. She’d make cards

and pass them around, maybe

even announce it on her Facebook page.

Her husband hated the idea

so this helped her in establishing

its authenticity. She took a flight

to Toronto and met with her friend Stacey

who sold second hand bags in

large bins out of her garage. China.

That was the magic word. She spent

two days researching Ali, China, merchandise,

ex-high school lovers that Stacey and her dated.

They drank Pinot Grigio and fantasized about

Christian Gray scenarios. The smell of new

possibilities excited her so much that

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