The Hike Continues (3 IMAGES) Part II

You dance a very fine line, dear Amy, just make sure your phone still works and is in a water proofed and blizzard proof bad, OK?????????????????????????????

Heaven On Earth

Faith Part I

Happily I kept hiking this trail, taking leisurely shots along the way, and sending some of them to my sister who I was texting while I was hiking.  I felt as though I had stepped into Paradise.  No wind, not too cold, and the quiet and the wonder all around me was just what I so needed.

Little did I know what lay ahead.

In turning a corner I saw a steep embankment which ended at the creek.  Totally wrapped up in getting down that embankment safely, my eyes had yet to see what lay ahead.  Standing at the bank of that creek, I was ready to cross it but was halted in my tracks.  But where did the trail go, I asked?  There were no footprints on the opposite bank, and I just knew the trail did not end here!! It just couldn’t!

Looking around for…

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4 thoughts on “The Hike Continues (3 IMAGES) Part II

  1. I promise, George. I also promise not to go on this trail again until the ground is good and solid frozen. Yes I Love adventure but the chances I took that day I am not willing to do, not without snow cleats on my boots, walking sticks, AND my phone in a waterproof bag. I’m really rethinking this story like I should NOT have told it. Just show pretty pictures and forget how I got them. Hmmmmmm …… I have SO much structure in my Life and I am such a Free Spirit that when I am let out of my “cage” I sing I’M FREE!!! My last post should relieve your mind a lot … that is coming on Thursday. Love you and thank you for the reblog!! Make sure BB sees the pictures …. Tell her it is SO cold right now I will NOT be hiking or walking until the freeze passes and it stops snowing. So, yes, George, I am safely in my house. GRIN!!!! ❤

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    • BB was reading and watching as I wrote, she censored part of my “words” to make sure it was “fit for public” or church. Sometimes, she’s such an Adult……………………. my Sons made the mistake of calling her M’am before they left…………….I could’ve laughed so hard and loud, but………………. so I only choked………… thank goodness, they were just messing with her, she knows they’re older, barely. 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

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      • As for BB …. I’m laughing FOR YOU, George!! I have a pretty good idea the marshmallow disguised as a toughie in the form of a female cop. As for being Adult …. I’ll pass. Only when it comes to the care of my cats then I become Adult. I just finished dividing one Valerian capsule into 5 gel caps … Hmmm …. Perhaps I should take some. They are for my cats with high anxiety because it is winter. I kind of get it …. I don’t like being boxed in either, darn it! No fresh air, no open windows ….. Grrrrrr ….. Now on to do Prinny’s teeth, nails, and ears to get ready for Vet tomorrow and somehow tempt Mr. Smartie Charlie who knows what is going on to get out of the hiding spot he is in right now so I can do his teeth, nails and ears. Yep at times I am the Adult. Don’t like to be ….. And hanging with you, I’m sure BB knows all about being a kid at Heart. Tee hee …. If you cannot convince her, the Girlies will!!! That reminds me, I have another cute cat pic for the Girlies …. Later though. I have to get these two cats done first. It’s been a marathon day! I did pray for you while I vacuumed ….. 🙂 ❤


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