Life With Catnip


He strokes her with enchanted brush
And with his pen giving birth,
To life of Mountains and valleys
Defenseless against thy will,
For thy written word is love.

Shorelines and skies
Cease back under his hand,
For his power is the pen and ink
It is giving life to beauty
And to the wonder of this earth.

From where I stand, beholden
I long to hear these words of love
From a writer of poetry, from him,
Where my heart is not forgotten
Nor has it been forsaken.

But forgiven and written
In purity and blood
So graced by God
With his fearless devotion
His sword is pen in hand.

It was a gift that was given
Only to him, one of passion
To write these words of love
For true compassion only comes
Through the Blessed above.

~Inspired and conspired
“For the Love of a Poet”
A collaboration by…

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Got It!

So simple yet so hard for some to believe and understand.

Source of Inspiration

child with dog1

I finally got it!
Can understand
with my heart
not just my mind.

God wants us to be
happy, to experience
the astounding joy
of life…
just this!

It is so simple that
we can not believe it
so invent dramas
woes, and wars.

All the while,
all we really
need to do
is be so happy
that gratitude
is the only response
that makes sense!

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Search the Depths of your Heart for Love
Seeking in your Spirit for Life;
Challenge the Everyday Clutter and Chaos
That Tries to O’rewhelm you with Strife.

Ask for the Presence of Kindness
To Shine in your Smile Each Day;
Yearn for Compassion to Linger
When indifference tries to steal you away.

Desire Peace to Abide in your breast,
Long for Patience to Remain,
Walk in Joy when the sun shines,
And Smile when Life turns to Rain.

In this way you will Shimmer
And Glow with the Light from Within,
Drawing others to that Sweet Charity;
Come, Bend your Knee, and Begin.

Beautiful Image found at: thefellowship.info

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Vida La Vita

Life With Catnip


Vita is to see or to visualize…”I know Saint Peter won’t call my name” refers to the popular tradition of St. Peter seen guarding the gates of Heaven. He is often depicted in art as holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven per the Petrine doctrine and the Biblical reference in Matthew 16:19. He is also commonly depicted with the book of life reading off the names of those individuals who had believed in Jesus Christ as per the Revelation.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
“Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on…

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Bleeding Heart

Life With Catnip


The sky is always the darkest
Right before it rains.
It’s how I learned to take it…
Disappointment with no expectation.
No matter how beautiful and perfect
Something seems.

Why is love for me a disaster
And why is it always on the horizon
Is it the calm before the storm…
Do I ask too much.

These waves come crashing quickly
On the shoreline, building a momentum
One only that my heartbeat can match.

This rapid pounding against my breast
Hits me faster and faster. I am fading
The water is spilling out of me
My heart is bleeding against thee
And you don’t even know it.

Can you no longer feel me…
The whole world is moving too swiftly.
Everything just stops
Just completely stalls
Even this beating of my heart
With the sound of your voice
Is that you that I hear.

You’re the only one to make…

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Life With Catnip


I can’t remember the last time
I saw you.
or at least, that’s what I tell
you every time we talk.

Because I don’t want you to know
how many times I’ve replayed
the sight of your eyes
looking into mine,
tears blurring my vision
as I watched you walk away.

You look different now,
but always the same.

Always familiar.
I want to step away from you.

Distance will always be
the thing that saves me
so I’ve learned how to use it
every time I’m terrified.

And you scare me more
than anything.

I told myself I wouldn’t go here.

I told myself I wouldn’t do this again.

I told myself I wouldn’t come,
but I do every fucking time.

I want to.
I have to.
Because I miss you.
Because I still love you.

~Inspired and conspired
“For the Love of a Poet”
A collaboration by John…

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The Storm


The Rain

Raindrops keep falling on my head….and on the flowerbed, the fencepost, the rooftops, blowing under the eaves and around the corners; rain pummeling down in buckets, blowing in cascading torrents and sheets of water that stretch across the roadway connecting my house and the neighbors and the house down the street where I’ve never even said Hello to anyone. Rain blowing sideways in the gusts of buffeting wind and driving gales that howl and moan outside my windows like a hulking leviathan, roused from his bed too early and angry at the audacity of daylight that it should dare wake him!

Rain trickling down in timid whispers, spiraling in the suspirations of wind that huff and puff and try to blow the house down, if it were about 20 times stronger. Rain that whips and sighs, pours down in tempests and then pauses to draw breath, quietly showering the already…

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Take a number

Life With Catnip

Soon i am to fall out
of love of with you
I am fading….
My love has left me.

For I am no longer
desired or wanted,
he has left me here
empty brokenhearted.

I write as I lay here dying
writing my last one.
I have met another
His name is John

You left me at the alter
With a save-me-the-date
Marry Me Calendar
June 5, 2014,
Then ran away.

So I will belong to another
He will be my new lover
The other boys will need
To take A number
Even you,
Will need to get line.

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