Look out for me

Let me tell you a story...

Close your eyes and count till ten

Look out for me

In the breeze that carries my scent

I hope you turn around locating me in the crowd then

In the chill of the wind

Turning your nose red

At the shore of your heart

Where a few castles once read

Of our togetherness.

Close your eyes and count till ten

Look out for me

Under the sky of our dreams

In the warmth of the firewood

Where the fervor of our breaths

Colliding with all the vehemence

Ousted the passion

Flickering in those flames.

Close your eyes and count till ten

Look out for me

Tracing the signature of my feet

Washed away by the sea

Which you tickled sometime back

And kissed

Whilst a silver anklet with hearts and stars

You tied around it.

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Just A Typical February Day In Canadia

whewwwwwwwwwwww, just looking at your pics made me tired. and makes me so grateful to leave PA and get back home to my little paradise in Tennessee hills and hollows.
👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀
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The Eclectic Poet

Sometimes our weather is annoyingly stereotypical… Apparently, Ma Nature has decided to make up for not smothering the country until the after 27 December 2015 and is dumping the entire expected forecasted snowfall in eleven freakin’ hours!!

Well, I’m off. I need to shovel out my front lane. Again. Lord knows how many pets and short people I may find out there…

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In Open Fields

just beautiful, Jennifer

Jennifer Calvert Author

In open fields,
The fullness of her lips –
Swell and throb,
The sun beats –
Upon her scarlet kiss,
The wounds,
In suture,
Stitched across her chest,

In open fields –
Her eyes, of yellow, blinded by time,
And open hearts,
A knife of jagged edge, slicing –
Severs the skin,
Cuts deep,
To eclipse the sun,

In open fields –
Steal away,
Shelter our love,
In the softness of the shade,
Bleed and pulsate against the grain,
Tint and tinge,
Too heal the scars, within.

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@ShashaSelflove 1/28/16 Why


You have been working so hard, dedicated to that goal that you see ahead of you. You plan and execute, moving forward slowly and making progress every step. You learn that as you go, not all will cheer you on – many are not holding their breath to see you make that next jump, they are waiting to see you fall between the steps. Whereas you intended your struggle to inspire motivation, it has inspired envy – it wasn’t your intention but it has happened.

You are going to have your set backs, which isn’t to be unexpected nor should it be unwelcomed. Embrace the sweat coming off your brow, allow the challenges to continue to mold you and practice wound care frequently. You are on your way. Set backs are a way of keeping you sharp, humble and grounded. Make every effort to keep the right people around you…

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Sink or Swim?

👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀 Swim, baby, swimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Jennifer Calvert Author

il_340x270.698232474_6uxn http://www.etsy.com Sink,
Down into the depth of oblivion,
Descend into a basin of tepid dreams,
Float into the stream, cooled by the air,
Inside waters of the deep,
A shape of cured decree,
Aspire to be,

To sink or swim?

To kick your feet –
And paddle upstream,
To fight the battle of torrential urge,
Wet and wallow, a turbulent affair,
Thrashing against the pull of the tide,
The grip; slipping away,
Suck in the air of life – inhale,
Drawn in, the space within the light,
Hold and fight.

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To Kiss A Girl

Beautiful and intriguing 💞

Jennifer Calvert Author

beauty http://www.pinterest.com

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like,
To kiss the lips, of a girl,
As soft and smooth, as my own,
Open and sensuous,
To please my tongue and feel the stir,
To stroke and suffer,
The sensations – textures of silky skin,
Of two hearts beating, in perfect applause,
To thread and tie,
The gather, of her strings,
The grip of her curiosity,
Dearly – grasping my wrists,
The fondness and admiration,
For the woman, that I kiss,
In awe and infatuation,
Our bodies, to discover,
Each extinguished edge,
On the threshold, of the end,
To shake and tremble, delicate in our adore,
I’ve always wondered what it would be like,
To kiss a girl.

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