Not rambling, Expressing


Daily Prompt: Rare Medium

I am a poet because I suck at writing.  This post tells someone a lot about who I am in relation to the blogospher.  And there are a lot of great blogs mentioned.  So, in a way this, is my appreciation rant revisited.

Daily Prompt : On the Edge

  I wrote this while half asleep.  This is what I write when I just need to write.  I am not proofing it…because I am too tired.  But it was a purge of sorts…a way for me to write my appreciation for those that mean so much in this whole blogging life.  If I didn’t mention you it only means I need more sleep. 

I am one of those people that can see and find the good in anyone so it isn’t surprising to those that know me; I will befriend anyone.  I ask a lot of…

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