Just For A Little While

Beautiful write, Read now.

Buttercup's Bullshit


Just for a little while
Thoughts have left me wanting
Things I can’t have
Dreams so real
I almost believe they’re true

…..Just for a little while
I dream you love me
That you want me too
I let myself hope
believe in your words so sweet

…..Just for a little while
Brought back to reality
With a jolt
Your silence my reminder
It was just a dream
Just a wish
That you were mine

…..Just for a little while
Sometimes I think I made you up
The things you’ve said to me
Just don’t seem real
The feelings I thought you had
felt real but

…..Just for a little while
I know where I stand
I know how you truly feel
You’ve told me your reasons
I understand them all
I wish that would stop the countless tears from falling

…..Just for a little while
That doesn’t stop my…

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