Penelope Jones

  • The Beautiful Catastrophe my work in progress.. please enjoy the Snippet, and below is a bit more details about the erotic romance.


“Please… please…” I couldn’t articulate what I needed, but I hoped my body was waving the white flag at him!

“Come for me…” My pleas were heard, and permission granted, my body convulsed under the steady beating of his hips into my own, and the air gushed from my lungs as I cried out.

“Yes! Please don’t stop… please!” I begged as my orgasm continued to erupt. Molten lava felt like it pumped through my veins, my toes curled, and my body shivered for moments even after it was over. Panting to breathe, and I peeked through my lashes at him, and he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

“Less than two minutes Catastrophe… good thing you aren’t a man…you would have a bad reputation.” He…

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