Penelope Jones

Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath is coming… I know many of you can relate just as I have to a relationship reflected in poetry. She’s peeled away every bit of her broken self, and exposed it. The good, the bad, and the Aftermath of my heroine expressed thru rhythmic words and verse.


Thank you for supporting me through this tough time of the  original “Iniquitous Solace”being unpublished.    Think of it this way … those that bought it in print– Just might have a hot ticket item on their hands if I hit it big. -giggles-



I must be happy all the time

I must be the social butterfly

I must always be the life of the party

I must accept the small amount of niceties shown

I must be grateful for everything


Not allowed to have a crappy day

Not allowed to have…

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Penelope Jones


I know you can’t protect me from the harsh realizations of my life

I only hope you’ll shield me from harm and strife


I know you can’t guide me along every little path

I only hope you’ll check-in and see that I do the math


I know you can’t give into me, you know just what I need

I only hope you’ll push me to my limits, to help me to succeed


You will… You always do

“Daddies” may apply within,
Welcome … to my life of sin!

Penelope Jones Copyright 2013

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