Update on George/Dad

Doctors have started a slow weaning process from sedation in hopes that Dad can wake up in his own time so to prevent flashbacks or panic in case he’s suffered any memory loss or is confused, like not remembering he’s mute and suddenly he tries to talk to us but can’t. Dad has a lot of years stored, but we’re not sure nothing was damaged or lost until he wakes up and interacts with us. thank you all for your continued love, prayers and support. We are so humbled and blessed to have you all in our corner
especially Dad’s(George).
Be blessed.
I wish we had cracked Dad’s password sooner, but better late than never.  We are trying to keep his accounts updated as best we can. We can also be reached through his email account and IG. If you need this information, feel free to email us at georgeparker1950@hotmail.com
Hardest post to write, but necessary.

Thursday George/Georgie update Thursday Sep 29, 2016

As we read posts from Dad’s social media accounts, we have noticed he starts blinking with his eyelids more and more as we read comments and posts from a lot of you. thank you for your love, support, thoughts and prayers. Dad’s a tough old Marine with a soft heart unless provoked to be otherwise. He’s always been there for us, now it’s our time to support him for as long as needed. NO bad news is GREAT NEWS…………………………. If you need to reach any of us, we are also monitoring Dad’s email account     georgeparker1950@hotmail.com

Wednesday George/Georgie update Wednesday Sep 28, 2016

The past two days have not shown us anything we haven’t expected as far as Dad is concerned. Early this morning we were reading some notes and comments from his IG feed, easiest to sort and decipher next to his email, still haven’t cracked his WordPress account so far, apparently he changed it to a different password other than rest of social media accounts. We’ll crack it soon as we get time to sit down and pretend to be him……………… if we’re very lucky, he sent it to himself in and email as a reminder. Dad is a character, nothing  new to you all, I’ll wager.

during readings this morning he blushed and goosebumps appeared suddenly, quite funny actually, but then Dad isn’t boring, even in a coma, especially when you’re around him a lot. Even without a voice, he won’t be ignored or pitied, not even close.  We’re not used to being on Tumblr. So forgive us if we don’t know how to reach out more than by making a post. Don’t be surprised if you send a message to Dad and we answer and you don’t know us, at least you’ll be current. Thanks for all your patient and understanding, and support. Please feel free to message us through Dad here or his IG account or email. If you need that info, just let us know. After all we’ll do our best, we’re Gingers like Dad, but with voices

and taller

as he reminds us, a lot better looking.

Dad rubs off on you after a while, even if you’re just in laws. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Social media family. Monday Sep 26, 2016
Dad, Georgie, was called to work his magic this weekend, but didn’t quite finish. It looks like he had a mini stroke caused by a ruptured aneurysm located right in the blind spot behind his titanium plate in right frontal love. Looks like it protected brain from outside forces, but hid also an internal defect.. Right now, he’s in medically induced coma and holding his own, tough old Marine, not just hardheaded😈
**Please realize I or my twin, we’re the Ginger DaughtersInLaws married to Georgie’s Sons, will try our best to update as conditions change. Please realize until our husbands get home, we’ll have our hands full. Dad has multiple accounts across social media and we may miss some, hopefully not. For privacy and employer concerns, most information is need to know, not want or wish to know. Pls understand there are many restrictions set forth by his employment contract&we will follow those to the letter as per his wishes.Thank you for understanding 😊 also know we probably won’t have time to answer every individual comment or question until things slow down. As Georgie/George has indicated, our Clan is large and scattered&we’re holding down the fort. This may seem impersonal, but we’re doing all we can get in present situation.

And not even sure we know all his accounts, just main ones.😈

We’re all gasping for some Lemonade

Chronicles of Salma

I’m a mess. A complete and utter, incomprehensible mess. A swirling mass of emotion that’s desperately trying not to burn London to the ground while listening to Lemonade on repeat. I don’t really want to see the city in flames, but there’s a fire inside me, and a recognition of my power as a woman that’s bursting to come out.

It’s desperately trying to claw its way to the surface because it’s been supressed for so long, and that’s exactly what Beyoncé’s new album has just done. It’s unplugged the stifling dam of oppression and the floodgates are finally open and running free.

Her album is layered and complex, with messages hidden at every turn, but mostly, and most importantly, it’s about being a woman. It’s an hour-long visual history of womanhood, the struggle of becoming a woman, and the power we women have. The raw, incredibly courageous, female power…

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Now we are free

Chronicles of Salma

I was crying as I hit send on a message that would end something I didn’t want to end.

I so badly wanted it to continue. That wanting was laced deep in my bones and tied up with the dreams I had created in my heart. Deciding to let go of that want, of that pulsing, all consuming desire, was an incredibly painful thing to do. But somewhere, amongst all that pain, was the realisation that I had decided to love myself instead, and that realisation felt a lot like freedom.

Loving ourselves is not something we do enough. Women in particular, are especially bad at this. I have sat with countless women as they told me their stories of love. Of the love they had piled onto the men in their life, who couldn’t or wouldn’t give it back. Of the love affairs that lingered, of the men that held…

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Raise your boys like you raise your girls


Chronicles of Salma

I have spent a lot of my life wondering what on earth is wrong with men.

Whether it was watching my father or brother, talking to my male friends, or piecing through my own romantic involvements, I have, more often than not, been left thinking; what the fuck is wrong with them?

We can argue that men are from Mars as much as you like, but I call bullshit on that entire discourse. It feels too much like a copout, and it’s way past time we took some responsibility anyway.

They’re not from different planets, we’ve just always acted like they were, and there lies the problem. It’s why we have such miscommunication between the sexes, and why we still don’t live in gender balanced world.

The idea that ‘boys will be boys’ has permeated our society for as far back as anyone can remember, and so we’ve…

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Fear Defeated (3 IMAGES)

Looking awesome, dear Amy, looking awesome……………… georgie
❤ ❤ ;<3333333333333333333333333333 ((((((((((((((((((((((( :<))))))))))))))))))))

Heaven On Earth

Every day of my Life I defeat fear.  Every.  Single.  Day.

If I allow fear to snatch my mind, seize my stomach, freeze my body I would not live at all.  I would be nothing but a lump of flesh, existing and that is pretty much it.

There is so much fear in this world at large today
it is so easy to escape from living
to avoid the madness that is so rampant.
I, for one, refuse to escape
into an existence that does not support real Life.

Upon wakening each and every day, I do not know what lies ahead for that day.  None of us do.  Caring for special cats from day to day that have many health issues, I never know when those issues will strike.  I get up with the Intention all will be well, and I if those issues are seen, I address them in order to maintain equilibrium…

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