Come, Come

We are so humbled by your post and outpouring from others reached by you, Ms Amy to people we don’t know. Heck we’re lucky to have discovered Dad’s password much less know all the followers and people Dad follows. So thanks seem so inadequate but heartfelt. We will continue to stimulate Dad with all your posts and comments. Trying to replace Dad is something none of us feel adequate to do, but we’ll just try out best. TY so much for your understanding an patience with us. We are indeed humbled by this outpouring.

Heaven On Earth

lr-1030This post is dedicated to my friend George and his Clan:  

Come, come fly with me
to the Land of Free
when troubles you see
and pain won’t flee …
Come, come fly with me
as together we touch
a Heav’n who Loves
us ever so much!


Photography/ “Come, Come” September 2016©AmyRose

Friends, I am reaching out to you today.  A very dear friend of mine is now in a medical induced coma after he suffered an aneurysm and mini stroke.  Some of you may know him.  His name is George.  If you know him, family are asking if you would write comments on his blog or even emails that they can read to him.  Here is the link to georgeforfun taking you directly to the post his twin daughters wrote.  The information you need to write is contained in this post.

Family is with him around the clock making sure his brain…

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