Happy Pink B-day to the Pinkies & our Pink friends


Pinkd - 1

HAPPY❤BIRTHDAY❤TO❤THE❤PINKIES both JM and I our birthdays are in August and also Ezra and❤sweet PinkBling GIGI❤! In honor of all our birthdays I wore my PINK❤wig to Ezra birthday party! It went over like PINK❤balloons! Except Ezra doesn’t like pink he a his favorite color is green! I love that too! 

My goal was for all the girlies to get their sassy pants on and wear this PINK❤wig! It was most fun because no everyone is the queen of fun and being silly like me! I know how to play that’s for sure so here’s what happened!

Pinkd - 2This is Alissa she looked like❤Ariel❤to me! She was being just a little bit shy but before the day was over she was jumping, laughing playing and having a blast! I think it was the PINK❤wig! It’s magical! 

Pinkd - 3AWE this is Minny! Yes her name is Minny. I love that so much!…

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