The Wreck

In The Hive

she lays beneath the car
in the dark
seven months pregnant
she thinks
I’ve gotta find another place DSCF0712
my belly won’t fit
make it next time
she lays very still
quiet … the song by Sting
starts to play in her mind
‘Everything You ….
it’s done this now each time
since she took to hiding herself
laid out beneath the car

She can hear his footsteps
his steel cap boots crunch
across the coldness of gravel sounds
he’s standing right next to the car now
n Her Heartbeats So Loud
How can he not hear her heart
she’s going to cry
forces with all the will not to
n as she swallows
try’s to control any sound
her fingers are numb with the cold air
legs are feeling cramp
oh Please Please don’t now get the cramp
she swears he’ll hear her heart beating
if he stops all his…

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