Do You Feel Safer With Detainees In or Out of Gitmo?

Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay

Barack Hussein Obama’s administration has released six more detainees from the U.S. facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That begs the question: Do you feel safter with detainees in or out of Gitmo?

It’s a question every American needs to ask themselves.

If your answer is “out,” remember that over 640 detainees have been released so far, with about a 30 percent recidivism rate. It’s the other 70 percent you should be concerned about.

If your answer is “in,” then you need to contact your Congressional representatives immediately and let them know how you feel.
It appears Congress is powerless to stop the release of unlawful combatants from the facility and for all you know these guys will end up back in the fight, or maybe even in YOUR neighborhood.

The idea that Gitmo is a recruitment tool, or detainees are “goat herders,” or other myths are old, tired and never…

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5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Safer With Detainees In or Out of Gitmo?

  1. Actually one of those nutcases that Mr.O released was arrested here in Spain and charged with being a terrorist trying to recruit other potential terrorist. So thank you Mr. Obama for putting out one of these subhuman in my country.


  2. Just got back from reading his blog, a Major…..I wasn´t too fond of them back then. But I agree with everything he says and it´s quite interesting to hear the Gitmo story from a man that actually had to work there.

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      • Then I like reality, plus I always thought that the worst thing was to close Gitmo, but remember this was the same guy, Mr.O that is, that got the nobel peace prize while he was going to be president. He still hadn´t done anything yet, and actually much better then that he didn´t do anything as president. As it´s turning out, with his foreign policy and domestic, when Historians look back, and actually you don´t have to look back much really, just take a look of what his actions and inactions have created around the world and in the U.S, the only thing he has to show for is that he is the first black president. That´s the only acomplishment, when it gets to making decisions or not making them also, this is probably the worst president the U.S has had. As I´ve told you before his policies are the exact as the ones the Socialist Party here in Spain put in place and we are doomed.

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