For everyone participating or following along on my 31 days of horror I will be posting a summary of those who are linking up so be sure to check back on Sundays!  I’ve read some awesome linkups so keep them coming and link below in the comments section if you have something to share.

 Thank you Neeraj for finding such a perfect picture for this.  Please click on picture to visit the artists page!


Written by Neeraj Kumar and HastyWords

I started to have the wickedest dreams:
I’m just a clown on stilts
Walking on murky energy streams
Bouncing balls of maniacal laughter
Pleasing deranged and cheering crowds
Then I spot you in one of these mares
Flying around on a swinging trapeze
You make my heart malfunction
My normally defiant beats step in line
Love doesn’t come in sachets, you mention
As you wink your thick coated eyelashes

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